Explain who Matteo Beltran is. What Happened to the Boy in the “Listen, Linda” Music Video?

We’ll always remember the little boy in the green t-shirt who yelled at his mother: “Then it’s settled, Linda. Please listen to me, Linda.

Listen.” So that you don’t forget, just in case: When the video was shot, Matteo was just three years old. We contacted his mother to find out what Matteo, now 10, is doing to these days.

Those infamous words of Linda: “[He is] adjusting well to social distance learning and is having a great time learning martial arts. His brother and he spend a lot of time glued to a screen.

“Matteo is always ready to learn and jump in where he can, which makes him a wonderful help at home with his brothers.”

But what was it that caused Matteo’s outburst in the viral video?


As Linda put it: “Matteo preferred to forego supper in favour of going straight to dessert. This resulted in a heated discussion. When I eventually started filming, we were in the middle of a lively discussion.”

As his mother pointed out, this wasn’t the only thing Matteo would say: “All parents use the phrases “listen” and “you’re not listening to me” at some point with their children. It’s like saying, “OK, are you paying attention?” or “Listen to me!”

When others questioned Linda about how her son might have known his mother’s name, she provided an explanation “A few weeks ago, he had learnt our names and soon realised that, if we were preoccupied with.

h anything else, he could swiftly attract our attention by calling out our names. In case of an emergency, we wanted our children to be able to identify us.

“Neither my husband nor I wanted our children to have to answer the question, “What is your mother’s name?” even if all they can say is “mom” in response.”

The fact that Linda gave him her real name is a huge relief. Without luck, this might have never occurred.

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Let’s Watch This Linda Video That’s Going Viral, Shall We?

I mean, what was it about the viral video that really got Matteo riled up?

According to Linda, “Matteo planned to skip dinner and head directly to dessert.” There was consequently a great deal of debate around it. We were deep in conversation when I pulled out my camera.

He would often say things like, “Listen” or “You’re not listening to me. Considering that all moms and dads know how much fun computer games can be, we always feel more comfortable having them around our kids.

In addition, Linda mentioned that life in her family hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses. Claiming that they are “in a constant state of battle” Although she is pleased that her brief movie may temporarily make the lives of many people a little bit brighter, she is aware that this is not the case.

Linda’s YouTube channel has 169k subscribers. Within these pages, she discusses her three sons, Matteo, Charlie, and Kevin. Nonetheless, San Jose, California, serves as their home base. Legal custody of her sons is shared with her ex-husband.

I recommend checking out Matteo’s social media accounts. The toddler’s profile, which his mother helps him administer, has nearly 10,000 followers.

Both Matteo and his siblings are dedicated, taekwondo students. They enjoy time together as a unit. Is anyone paying attention? In fact, many people wondered how the little boy even learned his mother’s name.

Linda elaborated by saying that she insisted that everyone in the group know her name. If they need to be able to respond quickly in an emergency or in front of a large group of people, this is for them.

Instead of simply saying “mom,” you should know the child’s mother’s given name.

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Can Anyone Tell Me Where Matteo Beltran Is Right Now?


After the viral video went viral, this new talent started getting invited to chat shows. And was the subject of extensive coverage in the arts and media.

On that date in 2021, Matteo will be turning 11. Linda Beltran, his mom. She told the press earlier this year that her kid is “beginning to enjoy discovering everything about martial arts.” Furthermore, adjusting to interactive online lecture halls.”

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