How Did Joe Kenda’s Nose Get Cancer and How Did It Impact His Life?

Police detective by trade, Kenda left the force in 1996. Joe investigated 387 homicides during the course of his 23-year career, 356 of which were solved, for a success rate of 92%. Joe Kenda has appeared on multiple episodes of the Investigation Discovery show Homicide Hunter.

Joe Kenda entered the world on August 28, 1946, in Herminie, Pennsylvania. In the following sections, you’ll find more information concerning his diagnosis of cancer and his current state of health.

The origins of Kenda’s success

does joe kenda have cancer

The transformation of Joe Kenda into a detective in Homicide Hunter is a story that will make you gasp and gaze at the screen. The ice-cold lieutenant revealed his early interest in murder in an interview that he gave when he was nine years old.

A man like Joe Kenda would be surprised to learn that was his childhood passion. Kenda’s “stare in the mirror” incident occurred during a visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo when he was a child.

Kenda likely decided to stare death in the face after reading a sign that stated, “Around this corner is the most dangerous animal on Earth,” during the journey (quite literally). An old criminal romance like that could only end with the human lie detector (as many people call him) being promoted to lieutenant today.

In 1973, Kenda became a member of the Colorado Springs Police Department, where he rose to become the head of the homicide division. Even before he became famous as Homicide Hunter, he made numerous media appearances.

A woman was murdered at her lupus support group in 1990, and Kenda said the event “meets the requirement for a Hollywood scenario.” Several novels and People magazine brought his attention to the claim.

Kenda’s wife Kathy expressed concern that he would be killed on the job while his career was winding down. Kenda did retire from the Homicide section in 1996, but it wasn’t because of his worried wife.

He wrote a book about how he was almost provoked to physical violence by a child molester and how he ultimately decided to retire as a result.

In addition, this was not the only shocking incident of this kind. Kenda noted that the most gruesome murder case he had to solve was a youngster who looked like his own. Homicide Hunters’ most recent episode made clear that Kenda wouldn’t be satisfied working as a special needs school bus driver.

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Is Joe Kenda Sick With Cancer?

Is Joe Kenda Sick With Cancer?

Joe Kenda’s scarred nose has led to rumors that he suffers from skin cancer. Joe, though, stays silent on the matter of the alleged illness. The former homicide investigator has remained silent on social media despite serious health concerns.

He’s 75, yet he seems as vibrant and happy as somebody half his age, and he and his wife, Mary Kathleen, have had many fantastic experiences together. He had been seeing Mary since freshman year of high school, and the two were married in 1967. Two kids, Dan and Chris, have been bestowed upon this grateful couple.

After retiring from the police force in 1996, Joe made his initial entry into the television industry. The first episode of “The Homicide Hunter,” in which he detailed the cases he had worked on over the course of 23 years, aired in 2011.

His second series, American Detective, premiered in January 2021. His book about real criminals, Killer Triggers, was out in 2021.

Great Actor, But Why Does He Have a Scar on His Nose?

Like Owen Wilson’s nostril and Seal’s visage, Kenda’s nose has been the subject of countless rumors. Joe Kenda, a powerful lieutenant, and his wife, Kathy, appear to be having a nice time at an event in which they try to guess what happened to the lieutenant’s nose.

They have been cagey about discussing the million-dollar investigation, and we seriously doubt anyone would have the guts to ask the investigator directly what happened to his nose.

His devotees, who have been left wondering by his radio silence, have offered up a wide range of hypotheses to try to make sense of it.

The skin cancer scars on Kenda’s nose are widely assumed to have resulted from a physical altercation, probably a punch. The interesting fan theories, though, keep coming.

Viewers on Facebook and Reddit guessed that he had been bit by a dog when he was younger or that a drug dealer threw a ring at him during a narcotics bust, respectively, leaving the scar.

Once, a member of the audience who was playing a role that required him to hide his identity confessed that he got a nose piercing to fit in better. Unfortunately, Kenda’s nose job didn’t go as planned, and his new nose is crooked and uneven.

Some Kenda viewers have even watched every episode in an effort to learn who attacked him and why he lost part of his nose. Joe Kenda’s cover-up skills are impressive, even for a career criminal.

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