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Death Note Season 2

‘Death Note’ began life as a popular manga series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. On a tragic day, a teenage genius named Light Yagami discovers a notebook containing a series of cryptic messages. There is an artifact that was put into Light’s path by the god of death, Ryuk, known as the “Death Note,” which is a magical notepad. Keeping a Death Note is a heavy burden to bear, as anybody whose name appears on the notebook’s pages will perish.

With the help of Death Note, Light resolves to plunge into the world of serial killing and purge society of people he views as morally deficient. The authorities have given him the identity “Kira,” which is the Japanese katakana for the English word “killer.” He intends to use it to rid the planet of criminals. There are various consequences to Light’s actions, but the most notable is the Kira Investigation Team, which is led by the enigmatic detective L.

The manga and anime “Death Note” has produced a slew of spinoffs, including a musical, a live-action TV series, and a Netflix feature adaptation that got mixed reviews. Even though the manga’s anime adaptation started in 2006, the program manages to cover much of the manga’s storyline in a single season.

Despite this, people are still eager for more. Even Viz Media published a manga called “Death Note: The a-Kira Story” set in the series’ universe in early 2020.

Is there a chance that “Death Note” may get a second season? What kind of story would it tell, and who would play the lead? So far, here is what we know about the situation.

Death Note Season 2 Release Date

At this point, it appears like the anime’s run on “Death Note” has come to an end, at least for the time being. No one can predict when a show will get a second season, as many anime fans know all too well. Since the original anime series was published 14 years ago, Madhouse hasn’t said anything about a second season being approved, but it hasn’t been canceled either.

Since the first season of “Death Note” covered the bulk of the manga’s storyline, a second season would have to start from scratch, most likely with a new cast of characters and a completely new plot. As of 2017, “Death Note” is accessible to stream on numerous platforms, including Adult Swim in the United States.

There has been no information about the anime’s status in over a decade, despite all of these considerations. Currently, it’s impossible to say if there will be any more “Death Note” episodes.


What Death Note characters will be back for Season 2 of the show?

If a ‘Death Note’ prequel or sequel is made, only a small number of characters and their original voice actors are likely to return. This is due to the fact that the main characters Light and L (Mamoru Miyano/Brad Swaile and Kappei Yamaguchi/Alessandro Juliani, respectively) are no longer in it (see the section below).

The anime’s immortal Ryuk, who was originally voiced by Shidô Nakamura in the Japanese version and Brian Drummond in the English dub, is most likely to return (per IMDb). Both Noriko Hidaka in the original and Cathy Weseluck in the dubbed version of Near are still alive, as is Mello, who was originally performed by Nozomu Sasaki and is now voiced by David Robert Moore.

The second season of an anime could revolve around a completely new cast of characters, or it could focus on one or more of the characters from the previous season that are still alive and well. Death Note: Another Note: Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, and Death Note: The A-Kira Story, both feature Mello as the narrator, as have at least two more prequel mangas and sequel mangas.

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Death Note Season 2 Storyline: What Can We Expect?

Matsuda (Ryô Naitô/Vincent Tong) shoots the anime’s protagonist, Light, as he tries to write names down on strips of paper from the Death Note he had secreted in his watch, which he had smuggled out of the country. Ryuk inscribes Light’s name onto the Death Note as she writhes in pain on the floor. A sudden cardiac arrest kills Light, who is haunted by visions of his arch-nemesis, the deceased investigator L.

The program would have to adapt one of several prequels or sequel mangas, or be a totally new plot, as the show’s two main protagonists were killed off at the end of the first season. “Death Note: The A-Kira Story,” which takes place 10 years after the events of “Death Note,” is also available, as is “The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases,” as is the one-shot “Chapter 109” (also known as “The C-Kira Story,” and the “L File No. 15” book).

“The a-Kira Story” has the most narrative potential of any of the three.

Minoru Tanaka, a high school student who gets his hands on the Death Note, chooses to pawn it off on the highest bidder in the manga. In order to prevent the sale of the Death Note, Ryuk tries to prevent American and Chinese authorities from fighting over the notebook.

This page will be updated as soon as there are any new developments.

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