Darktide Release Date

Darktide Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

We have a great deal of faith in Fatshark, as Vermintide 2 is one of our favourite co-op games(opens in new tab). The Swedish developer is shifting gears from fantasy to Games Workshop’s science fiction scenario with Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

Pick up your chainsword and prepare to face battle in the bleak 41st millennium. Expect to enjoy banter and a plot co-written by best-selling 40K author Dan Abnett as you and your buddies combat swarms of adversaries in the cramped bowels of a hive city.

We’ve had a chance to experience Darktide, and it’s fantastic. Keep reading for an extended gameplay video and initial thoughts.

Darktide Release Date

Darktide Release Date

Due to the global spread of the COVID-19 virus, Fatshark Games has delayed the publication of their next Warhammer 40K game from its intended fall 2021 window.

The release date of September 13, 2021, had been set for its initial autumn 2021 debut, but was then pushed out to the spring of 2022.

The Swedish video game studio Fatshark revealed Darktide in July 2020 during the Xbox Series S Showcase event, and they stated that the game would be released in 2021. The spin-off of Warhammer 40 was revealed in July, and a trailer for it debuted in December.

The release date trailer offered us a taste of the gameplay, but we still have to wait a while for our first proper look. But let’s get back to reality; if you want to play the new Warhammer 40K game, you should buy it before it comes out this fall.

The development team has also released a behind-the-scenes film of their process, which can be viewed on the Steam Shop website. If you haven’t seen the initial gameplay clip that unveiled the game and its title, you may do so in Warhammer 40.

On September 13, you may get your hands on Darktide, a Warhammer 40: Dawn of War game for Windows and Xbox.

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To which roles do the player-characters actually play?

The June trailer for Darktide, titled Rejects Will Rise, introduces us to the heroes who earn the moniker “Rejects” (opens in new tab). A group of misfits and outcasts were trained as Inquisition agents and dispatched to Tertium Hive to investigate reports of a plague and heresy there.

First glimpsed in the 2020 gameplay trailer debuted at The Game Awards, these characters include an ogryn (a giant descendant of humans exiled to harsh, high-gravity worlds), a religious zealot wielding a hammer who may be a confessor or other servant of the Imperial faith, and two soldiers who appear to be veteran members of the Imperial Guard.

One of them was disguised as a kasrkin, a Cadiaan elite storm trooper, with a face mask. They were shown in greater detail in the teaser for the next release (opens in new tab).

The psyker, who pulls psychic force from the warp but may easily explode if they rely on it too much, was first shown in an Edge magazine piece. In the trailer for Rejects Will Rise, the psyker made another appearance.

According to Edge, the game Darktide will feature a character generator that will let players to give their chosen classes unique appearances and equipment. The two seasoned Imperial Guards are likely representative of the wide range of individual differences within a given class.

As a result of their customizability, the Rejects won’t be rigid characters like Vermintide’s Ubersreik Five, but they’ll still have lots of funny dialogue.

For “thousands upon thousands of banter lines,” as Fatshark put it in a developer blog, the voice actors have recorded their parts.

Who exactly are the foes?

Darktide Release Date

Nurgle, the Chaos god of plague, has a surprising sense of humour and is the mastermind behind everything.

The Lord of Decay, Grandfather Nurgle, tirelessly researches with new diseases in order to lure everyone into his garden, a putrid organic plane of existence. You should avoid visiting Nurgle’s backyard.

An apparently successful cult of plague-worshippers named The Admonition awaits us in Darktide. Poxwalkers, the corrupted zombie masses of 40K, are what you see in the trailers, and they make sense as low-level fodder in a Left 4 Dead setting.

Well-armed cultists are also present; some of them are obviously former traitor guards, what with their autoguns and armour (which has been modded with spikes, of course).

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