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Darky Silva Danced in Diapers Before Plastic Surgery

Fans were shocked when Darcey and Stacey Silva from “90 Day Fiancé” showed off the results of their most recent plastic surgeries.

Some people on social media say that the Silvas look “ridiculous” in some of the videos and photos they posted to their Instagram Stories. Darcey shared on Monday a post by Dr. Kerim Ünal, a Turkish plastic surgeon, that showed her and Stacey posing in skintight beige and white sparkly dresses after their makeovers.

Ünal said in another post that the twins, who are 47, had “fox eye” surgery to make their eyes longer and their previous nose jobs fixed. They also got cheek lifts, buccal fat removal, 360 VASER Liposuction, and boob lifts, which he called “Barbie Touch-Up Surgery.”

Page Six asked Ünal for more information, but he didn’t answer right away.

Page Six asked Ünal for more information, but he didn't answer right away.

Darcey seemed happy with the results. On Wednesday, she wrote on her Instagram Story that she looked “snapped” in a selfie where her eyes and brows were pulled back. The Silva sisters have become internet stars because of how unrealistic they look and how often they change their looks, but even their fans were shocked by their most recent changes.

“Want to scare your children this Halloween? Book a cameo from Darcey and Stacey! Your kids will probably never sleep again because they will be so scared. “You might have nightmares too,” a fan joked after seeing photos of the Silvas after their surgery.

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Alumni of 90 Day Fiance Darcey Silva has had a lot of plastic surgery changes over the years.

If you’ve liked Darcey for a long time, you’ve seen her on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days since Season 1. Back then, she was most beautiful the way she was, with brown hair. When that happened, she was still dating Jesse Meester.

Darcey went to Amsterdam to see Jesse and spent a lot of time trying to get him to buy her a ring. She didn’t, so she went home. Things got rough between Season 1 and Season 2, and Jesse told her to “work on herself.”

But Darcey seemed to take it more literally and had some changes made, like going blonde. When Jesse came in, she asked him over and over again what he thought of her makeup. Again, Jesse pushed her to work on what was inside her, not what she looked like.

The picture below shows how she looked before and after she had work done. It’s not the most recent work she’s done. Read on to find out what Darcey Silva looks like now. Many 90-Day Fiance fans were torn on which side they were on.

They broke up, though, and she started dating Tom Brooks. Even that didn’t work out, and in the end, Georgi Rusev put a ring on her finger. Remember, Tom gave her only a key…

In the end, Georgi’s life didn’t work out either. Her true love seems to be getting her face and body fixed up. On the show Darcey & Stacey, she and her twin sister Stacey Silva talked about having surgery in Turkey. That came with new coverings.

But the results of her most recent surgery might be the worst we’ve seen so far. Fans are worried, and she doesn’t look like herself at all. This new work is less invasive and is more of a procedure than a “surgery” that is done in an office and doesn’t require a hospital stay.

Stunned & Awed

One fan made a joke on Twitter: “This Halloween, do you want to scare your kids? Book a cameo from Darcey and Stacey! Your kids will probably never sleep again because they will be so scared. You might also have bad dreams.”

Another person wrote, “I had to stop following Stacy because I could only handle so much “snatched” in a day. A third fan gave this idea on Reddit: “At some point, they have to realize that this isn’t healthy and doesn’t make the person doing the procedures look good.

They no longer look like people. It’s too bad because they were beautiful before all this.”

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Too Much

Too Much

Fans have talked about Darcey and Stacey’s plastic surgeries before. Darcey showed off a new look on social media in August 2021, which again shocked her fans. In pictures, she had tight skin, eyes like cats, and a very full pout.

She tagged a Turkish plastic surgery center on social media, so it looks like she got the Barbie Touchup in 2021. An Instagram account for Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery confirms that Darcey and her sister Stacey both got the “Barbie Touch Up,” which includes an eye lift, nose lift, lip lift, breast implants, and a Brazilian Butt Lift.

In July, the mother of two posted a selfie of herself posing and showing off her new look “How are you, Darcey? I love you all! The inside and outside best version of myself!” Fans rushed to her comments section to say how worried they were about her new look.

Someone wrote, “Please stop,” and someone else wrote, “It’s sad, these women used to look normal.” “Oh no, she’s screwed herself up!” said someone else. “Waaaay too much work done. You were already pretty before all of that! “wrote one fan.

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