Daisy Jones & The Six Preview: Daisy Breaks Through, Encourages Simone

Sneak Peek at “Daisy Jones & the Six”! Daisy and Billy Finally Get Together, and Daisy Tells Simone to Follow Her Heart.

The Six are finally liking Daisy Jones.

People have an exclusive look at the fifth episode of the Prime Video limited series “Daisy Jones & The Six“. In it, Riley Keough, who plays the title character, breaks through Billy Dunne’s cold exterior (Sam Claflin).

After their first studio session got off to a rough start, Daisy and Billy are having lunch at a diner when Billy starts singing along with the song playing on the radio.

“She asks, “You like this song?” He tells her, “‘ Stumbled on Sublime’? Everyone likes this song, right?”

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Daisy tells Billy, much to his doubt, “I wrote it.” “I mean, I wrote the words and some of the music, or rather, most of the music… Check out this song. Do you think this was made by Wyatt Stone?”

Billy listens to the music for a few more seconds before turning to his new partner and saying, “Well, it’s a great f—ing song, Daisy.”

Daisy smiles and says, “Well, cool, man.” “Now that you like it, you might not have to be such a jerk all the time.”

Daisy Jones & The Six Preview: Daisy Breaks Through, Encourages Simone

In another exclusive clip from episode 4, Daisy tells her friend and roommate Simone (Nabiya Be) to follow her heart as she struggles with her feelings for another woman, Bernie (Ayesha Harris).

“I had this rush when I was onstage with Billy Dunne and the others. I was the happiest I’ve ever been for 25 minutes “Daisy talks to them about it in their living room.

“And that’s what I see in your face every time that woman calls you on the phone,” she says next, as Simone starts to cry happy tears.

Daisy Jones & The Six Preview: Daisy Breaks Through, Encourages Simone

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“And if we can both feel like this all the time, we should do it, no matter how crazy it is,” she says.

Daisy Jones & The Six is based on Taylor Jenkins Reid‘s 2019 novel of the same name. It tells the story of the band’s meteoric rise and fall in the 1970s Los Angeles music scene, as well as the troubled relationships within the band that led to their demise.

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