Crazy Rich Asians Season 2 Release Date, All You Need To Know!

Crazy Rich Asians Season 2

When Crazy Rich Asians premiered in 2018 to acclaim and a worldwide gross of over $240 million, it was hard to believe. A sequel to China’s Rich Girlfriend seemed nearly inevitable after the success of the first film, which was based on the novel by Kevin Kwan.

Rich People Problems, the trilogy’s last book, will be adapted for the cinema as well. Many facts about the sequel have been kept under wraps for quite some time.

There were plans for a 2020 filming schedule for both sequels, with the original cast returning to reprise their roles. However, there have been some complications in the background that have led to a potential delay.

Crazy Rich Asians Season 2 Is Coming?

There may be a release date for Crazy Rich Asians 2: The sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, when will it be available? Filming had already been delayed due to the cast’s other obligations even before the sequel was announced.

In the Heights, the musical adaption of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s debut musical was being directed by Jon M Chu at the time of the announcement. Adele Lim, one of the sequel’s co-writers, quit for salary inequity, which may cause a delay in the sequel.

Actor Peter Chiarelli (who penned The Proposal in 2009 and signed on to the film before the Chu was even cast as director) was paid substantially more than Lim, a professional TV writer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Lim was offered a pay closer to Chiarelli’s, but only because Chiarelli agreed to divide his income with her. Negotiations over salary lasted for five months. Pete has been “very nice,” Lim said, “but what I make shouldn’t be contingent on the generosity of the white-guy writer.”

Chiarelli and Chu are currently working on the sequel without having found a replacement for Lim, as a result, Warner Bros. will receive a 10-page treatment in July 2019 from the duo.

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This time around, the focus shifts to the sequel, Crazy Rich Asians 2

This is the second book in Kevin Kwan’s trilogy, which follows the continued engagement of Rachel Chu and Nick Young.

Based on Crazy Rich Asians’ success, China’s Rich Girlfriend may follow a similar path to the first film in that it will likely keep to the novel.

After the credits of Crazy Rich Asians, Harry Shum Jr.’s Charlie (Glee’s Harry Shum) and Gemma Chan’s Astrid (Astrid’s ex-fiance) are seen together again.

When Rachel finally meets her long-lost father, she is introduced to the world of Chinese millionaires, whose wealth far exceeds that of her future Singaporean ancestors. (The title is a play on Eleanor, Nick’s mother, exclaiming: “A few hundred million dollars isn’t enough for these people. They have a lot of money from China!

Although Astrid and Michael are married, the novel’s plot also focuses on the developing distance between them, as well as the growing affection between Astrid and Charlie.

You’re ready to go with a little romance, heartbreak, and revenge thrown in.

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Crazy Rich Asians Season 2 Characters

The original cast, including Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Lisa Lu, Ken Jeong, Michelle Yeoh, and Harry Shum Jr., has yet to be confirmed for the sequel, but it would be a surprise if they weren’t.

Golding is open to the idea, but he isn’t sure when it will actually take place. Digital Spy quoted him as saying, ” “In addition to the two books that Kevin Kwan wrote, they’re attempting to figure out a way to bring those to the big screen.

There are many factors to consider because a novel may not translate as well to the screen as it would if it were a direct adaptation. In order to keep things fresh, you’ll need to shake things up a lot.

“In addition, the fact that we’re competing against the first one means that everyone has great expectations. Unlike the prior one, this one will be more difficult. It’s definitely still a work in progress.”

Even so, Shum Jr. tells PopSugar that he is optimistic “Reunions are a regular occurrence in our family. Awkwafina, Jimmy, and the rest of the team are continuously looking for ways to see each other. I’m not sure if it’s our way of trying to fill the vacuum of not being able to work together in that capacity.

When given the option to produce another, “the love is there and if there is a possibility to make another, then the love will absolutely radiate on that screen”

Fresh characters have yet to be cast, therefore no one has been confirmed as a new face. Carlton Bao, Rachel’s long-lost brother, and Colette Bing, a fashion blogger who only ever wears couture, are the most intriguing candidates.

Colette’s father lavishes her with attention, and she’ll bring a dash of glitz to the film’s high-fashion image.

Apart from Roxanne Ma who is extremely loyal to Colette as her personal assistant, there are others. Lana Condor and Kelly Marie Tran have been mentioned as possible candidates for the parts of Colette and Roxanne, respectively.

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Final Words

Because production on the film hasn’t even begun, a trailer is still a long way off. We’ll have a clearer idea of when the trailer will be released after filming has been confirmed.


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