Cheech and Chong Quotes: Early Life, Career and Best Famous Quotes!

cheech and chong net worth

Chong and Marin are two of the best-known faces in the 420 community.’ Because of them, the likes of Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg may never have found success in their respective fields. Even so, things haven’t always worked out so well for the two comics.

The two had a falling out after their meteoric climb to fame and money, which was not settled until nearly 30 years later. Since their reunion in 2008, the duo’s brand has flourished and returned to high (no pun) regards.

The two men now have at least $50 million in total wealth. A multi-million dollar marijuana business was built by two stoners who had nothing.

Early Life Cheech Marin

Richard Anthony Marin, better known as Cheech Marin, was born on July 13, 1946, in South Los Angeles. In addition to his mother, Elsa, who worked as a secretary for the LAPD, his father, Oscar, was a police officer. Chicano is Cheech’s preferred ethnicity because both of his parents were Mexican-Americans.

cheech and chong net worth

When he was a baby, his uncle told him he looked like a chicharrón because he had a cleft lip, so he had surgery to correct it (fried pork rind).

At San Fernando Valley State College (now California State University, Northridge), Marin studied English and was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa, a fraternity for English majors. During the late 1960s, Cheech moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, in order to evade the Vietnam War draught.

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Early Life Tommy Chong

On May 24th, 1938, Thomas B. Kin Chong was born in Edmonton, Alberta. A Chinese-born father and a Scottish-Irish mother raised Tommy in Calgary; he dropped out of high school at the age of 16. For the rest of his life, the guitar was his primary source of income. He once said that it was also a great way to “get laid.”

Career Tommy Chong

cheech and chong net worth

Tommy Chong began playing guitar in a band named the Shades, and he and the band traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia, in order to find more success. Tommy and a bandmate launched a nightclub after recording a few singles.

The band, now known as the Vancouver, had a hit with the track “Does Your Momma Know About Me” after signing with Gordy Records in 1965. The songs reached a peak position of No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100. Touring in Detroit, the Vancouvers performed as an opening act for the Jackson 5. (which included a young Michael Jackson).

Career Cheech Marin

Marin and Tommy Chong met in Vancouver, where they first worked together in an improv group before creating a comedic partnership. First came “Cheech and Chong,” followed by “Big Bambu” in 1972, followed by “Los Cochinos” in 1973, and finally their wedding album in 1974, which reached Gold in the United States.

With a box office take of $44.3 million, “Up in Smoke” became the first Cheech & Chong feature film to make more than $150 million in the present day after adjusting for inflation, according to a 2018 Forbes article.

Cheech and Chong Quotes:

  1. “If more people were stoned there would be less violence in the world.” ~ Tommy Chong
  2. “Something good always happens at 4:20 for me.” ~ Tommy Chong
  3. “When you smoke marijuana, you are in the moment and you are happy. You forget about any worries of the past or the future.” ~ Tommy Chong
  4. “When you hit a groove, it’s not you; it’s the spirit world. The spirits whisper the ideas in your brain and prod you along. They’re the ones that are really happy.” ~ Tommy Chong
  5. “I want my ashes either with some really good primo or as some fertilizer for plants.” ~ Tommy Chong
  6. “You can smoke marijuana, you can eat it, you can wear it, it’s a perfect plant!” ~ Tommy Chong
  7. “You know that old joke about potheads having bad memories? Well, the bad memories are like pain, discomfort, and fear. So you lose all that, and the body reacts by healing faster and stronger.” ~ Tommy Chong
  8. “Awakening your spiritual side is really what artists do. When you hit a groove, it’s not you; it’s the spirit world.” ~ Tommy Chong
  9. “To be in a situation where you have no rights whatsoever is something I wish everybody could experience. People’s attitudes would change. It would be a better place.” ~ Tommy Chong


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