Charlbi Dean and Anne Heche Left Out of In Memoriam at Oscars 2023

Charlbi Dean and Anne Heche Won’t Be Remembered at The 2023 Oscars

A few big names were left out of the “In Memory of” segment of the Oscars 2023.

Charlbi Dean, who played the lead role in Triangle of Sadness, a movie that was nominated for three Oscars this year, including Best Picture, was not in the segment on Sunday night’s live show. Dean died in August 2022 of bacterial sepsis. He was 32 years old.

Anne Heche, who died in August 2022 at age 53, and Paul Sorvino, who died in July 2022 at age 83, were also left off the list. The names of all three of them were in the online gallery of the Academy.

Charlbi Dean and Anne Heche Left Out of In Memoriam at Oscars 2023

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A representative for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wouldn’t say on the record why their names weren’t mentioned during the live show.

Dean’s illness was not known at the time of her death, but a spokesperson for the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner told PEOPLE in December that she died of bacterial sepsis.

The sepsis was caused by “remote blunt trauma to her torso,” a spokesperson told PEOPLE. This is because the woman was born without a spleen. The death of the South African model and actress was ruled to be an accident.

Her bacterial sepsis was caused by a bacteria called Capnocytophaga, which got into her body. The infection is rare, but the CDC says that different species of Capnocytophaga can grow in people’s mouths and are also found in the mouths of dogs and cats. People with autoimmune diseases or who don’t have spleens are especially at risk.

Charlbi Dean and Anne Heche Left Out of In Memoriam at Oscars 2023

Since the medical examiner has not released Dean’s full autopsy, it was not clear if an animal bite or lick caused her infections.

Dean’s brother, Alex Jacobs, told Rolling Stone a few days after her death that she died suddenly in New York City after having “minor” symptoms and asking her boyfriend, Luke Volker, to take her to the emergency room. She died in just a few hours.

“This all happened in less than a day,” Jacobs told Rolling Stone. “She got a headache, went to sleep, woke up her boyfriend, and asked him to take her to the hospital.”

He also said at the time, “We’re still not sure what happened.” “We know that the autopsy could take a long time to finish. But what we’ve been told is that she had a virus in her lungs.”

Jacobs told Rolling Stone that Dean was in a “very, very bad” car accident around 2009 and that her spleen had to be taken out as a result. Her brother says that she also got broken ribs and a broken back in the accident.

Charlbi Dean and Anne Heche Left Out of In Memoriam at Oscars 2023

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Jacobs said, “The spleen helps fight off infections, so that could have had something to do with what happened.” “The fact that she didn’t have a spleen made it even more likely that she couldn’t fight it off.”

Erik Hemmendorff, who made Triangle of Sadness with Dean, recently told The Hollywood Reporter, “She was just one of those people who always made everyone feel good.”

“You could do as many takes as you like. She was a pro and always ready for the next one. The nicest, most laid-back person who works very hard. She was unlike anyone else, “he added.

Sunday, March 12, at 8 p.m. ET, ABC showed the Oscars live.

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