Bo Burnham Net Worth

Bo Burnham Net Worth 2022: Income of This Famous Celebrity This Year!

Robert Pickering, better known as The Comedian, is a stand-up comic. Born on August 21st, 1990, in Hamilton, Massachusetts, Bo Burnham is a writer and actor. Bo Burnham got his start in stand-up comedy in 2006, posting his first videos on YouTube. Youtube’s viewership has grown steadily throughout the years, allowing him to rise in fame.

He’s now a well-known American stand-up comedian, actor, director, and musician. In the United States, Bo Burnham is one of the best-known comedians.

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Burnham recorded two songs in 2006 and uploaded them to YouTube for his family to see. YouTube,, and other sites quickly made them popular.

White racism, Helen Keller’s impairments, and homosexuality were among the many topics on which Burnham focused his songwriting.

Bo Burnham Net Worth


Performing in London for Comedy Central’s The World Stands Up, Burnham became the network’s youngest performer ever at the age of 18 and signed a four-album deal with Comedy Central Records. The performance aired on June 30, 2008.

Burnham’s debut performance at the 2010 Edinburgh Comedy Awards garnered him a nomination for “Best Comedy Show” in August of that year (of Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words).

Rather, he was awarded the “Panel Prize,” a £5,000 prize for “the production or act that has most captured the comic spirit of the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe”.

In January 2018, Burnham’s first feature picture, Eighth Grade, opened at the Sundance Film Festival and was distributed by A24.

Chris Rock: Tamborine (2018) and Jerrod Carmichael: 8 (2017) were both directed by Burnham.

Carey Mulligan co-stars in Emerald Fennell’s black comedy revenge thriller Promising Young Woman, which will be released in 2020.

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Early Life

Born in Hamilton, Massachusetts on the 21st day of August 1990, Robert Pickering Burnham is now 24 years old. When he was a child, Patricia Burnham was a neighborhood nurse who worked with her father, a builder.

This allowed Bo Burnham to grow up in relative peace and quiet. There wasn’t much to do for the little lad in his town, which had a population of only 7,000.

Rather than succumb to the monotony of everyday life, Bo Burnham would create YouTube videos in the style of his favorite creators. While working on his comedic chops and video production technique, he’d build up his confidence.

The young boy was also heavily active in school, which made it impossible for him to pursue this endeavor full-time. ‘ St. John’s Preparatory School awarded Bo an honors diploma, despite the fact that he had to balance his YouTube channel with his studies.

When Bo Burnham graduated from high school, he decided to take the next step in his life by enrolling in college. He was accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University to study experimental theatre. – Bo Burnham, on the other hand, opted to take a year off. He was able to devote his entire time to the arts as a result of this decision.

Net Worth

He is a stand-up comedian, singer, composer, and musician who has appeared on stage, in films, and on the internet. Bo Burnham, who is worth $4 million, is an actor and producer. Bo Burnham is most known for the political and humorous songs that he wrote and recorded on YouTube.

Bo Burnham Net Worth

Through his YouTube channel, he became an internet sensation. On March 10, 2009, Comedy Central Records published his debut studio album. There have been many more CDs and comedy shows since then.

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Personal Life

He has been dating Lorene Scafaria, a film director and screenwriter, for more than eight years and the two reside together in Los Angeles. Hustlers and The Meddler are two of her best-known works.

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