Black Clover Next Season

Black Clover Next Season Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Black Clover’s (Studio Pierrot) creators have announced not only season 5 of the hit anime series but also a film due out in 2022. A release date for Black Clover Season 5 has not been set, however, it will likely be further into the future (at least 2024).

The fundamental cause of the holdup is the current manga’s sparse supply of material (which is ongoing). Before the fifth season of the high-fantasy anime series can continue, writer and mangaka Yki Tabata needs time to contribute to and maybe conclude the Black Clover manga.

Similarly, this is why there were only 16 episodes in Season 4 compared to the usual 50 in previous years. We know that the news that the Black Clover anime (which originally exploded on TV screens in 2017) won’t please anyone, but we won’t leave you hanging either.

When will the fifth season of Black Clover be available?

Black Clover Next Season
The release date of Black Clover: Season 5 has not yet been announced, however with the increasing chapter count, the anime might potentially return as soon as the beginning of 2024.

The first film in the franchise is scheduled for release in 2023, and since it will take some time for all viewers to see it, the return of the anime in 2024 seems more likely.

Studio Pierrot, one of the top animation studios that have produced acclaimed manga like Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, and Naruto, will bring the film to life.

They have already released a sneak peek of the upcoming Black Clover film, and it looks better than anything they’ve done before.

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A Rise in Interest in Black Clovers

Black Clover, as evidenced by its viewership and sales, is a top pick in the anime and manga genres. In 2016, Honya Club placed it third on its list of “Nationwide Bookstore Employees’ Recommended Comics.”

There were 1.1 million people who saw the movie’s trailer, and the animation was praised highly. Black Clover Season 4 of the anime, like the manga before it, has been very well regarded.

Many of the episodes have received perfect scores of 9.8 out of 10 if you look at the episode list on IMDB.

More so, Snow Man’s “Grandeur,” the 13th OP of Black Clover, debuted at No. 1 with over 800,000 copies sold in its first week. For 47 weeks in a row, it occupied a prominent position.

MyAnimeList users voted the show an 8.12/10. Because of the cancellation on March 30, 2021, it is no longer considered a top anime. Surely, once Season 5 of Black Clover is released, the show will once again be at the top.

How successful were Black Clover’s prior growing seasons?

When the hiatus finally ended in January of 2022, the manga had already sold over 17 million copies. The anime was found to be Crunchyroll’s most popular series of 2020 in January 2021.

More than eighty-seven countries and territories tuned in. The battle between Asta and Yami and Dante was ranked as the sixth-best anime fight of 2021.

Sales of the manga have been very successful, and the fact that a film adaptation is currently being developed is evidencing enough of this.

When an anime proves to be successful commercially, the studio will launch a project of that nature. The success of Season 4 helped them reach that point.

Season 5 of Black Clover’s Storyline

The Spade Kingdom Raid Arc will continue in Season 5 of Black Clover. Episodes 168 and 170 of the anime series introduced the story arc.

Asta must master his demon and go beyond his current abilities. Asta and her allies have to face the worst of the Spade Kingdom and defeat the evil triumvirate. What are the chances of his successfully rescuing Captain Yami Sukehiro?

Or will their foes, possessed by the demon, be the ones to bring about their demise? This will be revealed in the upcoming season.

Cast Of Black Clover 5

  • Pamiton Charmy
  • Sukawa Yami
  • Zora Neale Hurston
  • Voltia
  • Mimosa
  • Novachrono, J.
  • Red Mereoleona
  • Magna

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Black Clover Next Season Trailer

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