Black Butler Season 2 Release Date, Is It Coming In 2022?

Black Butler Season 2
Black Butler Season 2

It was a satisfactory conclusion to the first season of Black Butler, which wrapped up all the loose ends and gave the two protagonists exactly what they desired. In the wake of the show’s rapid popularity, it was decided that a second season of the show would be produced, which tossed away the season one ending by introducing another demon butler and a young kid who played as parodies of Sebastian and Ciel, respectively. The series should have simply kept adapting the manga, as it did with Book of Circus, rather than making a subpar anime-only second season.

Claude Faustus, a mystery butler employed by Alois Trancy, the heir to the Trancy earldom, is the star of the second season. Claude steals Ciel’s soul before Sebastian has a chance to consume it, resulting in a war for Ciel’s soul in the second season.

Black Butler Season 2 Release Date

The official players like “Square Enix” have yet to make any announcements regarding the Black Butler. There has been no official announcement from the player’s camp as of now, in January of the year 2022. However, a new season of an anime series can take several years to be announced. In contrast, anime series are routinely renewed and have new seasons even after several years, unlike regular television episodes and series. Because Square Enix is still running the Black Butler manga series, the question of why there is no new anime season arises.

Black Butler Season 2: What Won’t Work?

After spending 24 episodes getting to know Sebastian and Ciel, the show’s audience grew to adore and root for them. Unfortunately, the show’s new cast members aren’t quite as endearing, despite the fact that they frequently find themselves in the spotlight. Ciel is a clever anti-hero on a mission for vengeance, while Alois is a spoilt brat who enjoys bullying his maid, Hannah.

Despite Ciel’s techniques, the audience identifies his wrath through suffering and anguish, pursuing vengeance, but leaving innocent people unharmed. Alois, on the other hand, commits atrocities solely for the purpose of shocking the audience and cementing his role as the season’s adversary. When it comes to their demonic butlers Sebastian is charming and threatening, whereas Claude appears more stoic and uninterested.

These new characters pale in comparison to Sebastian and Ciel in terms of complexity and interest. Characters form the previous episodes returned, but their growth as individuals was stifled in favor of what felt like someone else’s story.

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Black Butler Season 2 Storyline: What Can We Expect?

While the first season used subtle clues to build a mystery that the audience could eventually piece together, the second season was everything but subtle, prioritizing exposition over everything else in the story.

The supernatural elements are no exception to this lack of nuance. During the first season of the show, Sebastian is very careful in his work because he knows very little about demons and the occult, which creates an epic level of mystery. While in season one the demon butlers were hidden in plain sight, in season two they’re out in the open, making one wonder how no one has stumbled across them.

Because Sebastian was blamed for a chain of events that led to the devastation of Alois’ hamlet and the death of his younger brother Ciel, Ciel’s soul was stolen. Although Sebastian was initially implicated, it is subsequently found that Hannah was the real perpetrator, leaving fans to wonder what the objective of this season was other than to bring Sebastian and Ciel back for the sole purpose of securing audience participation. Season one’s finale was satisfactory, but many fans were left unsatisfied and perplexed by season two’s climax, which appeared sad and offered no resolution whatsoever.

If the goal was to please fans, it would have been better to adapt arcs from the manga instead of creating an anime-only season. This would have maintained the continuity of the characters and given manga readers what they had been asking for. When Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ended, the manga’s original source material was completely reworked into a totally new version that closely followed it. In the third season of Black Butler, Book of Circus, which takes place in the middle of season one, this was accomplished, which was fortunate.


Something More About The Black Butler

After Season 1, Episode 15, where the anime initially drifted away from the manga, a new arc called “Book of Circus” kicks off. Two OVAs titled Book of Murder follow immediately afterward and adapt the next chapter. This is followed by a feature film titled Book of Atlantic.

Book of Circus, Book of Murder, and Book of Atlantic are the next three books in the series, all of which are adaptations of the manga’s arcs that take place during season 1. Continuing the plot by building on the backstories and character arcs of beloved characters has never been easier than with this anthology.

As a whole, the second season of Black Butler was worse than the first and worse even than every other Black Butler continuation that has followed the manga. With a third season, two OVAs, and an animated film on top of the manga adaptations, the show has been able to salvage some of its tarnished reputations.

If a studio is going to adapt a manga, they should usually keep to the original source material. Black Butler proves this.


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