below deck med season 4 reunion

Below Deck Med Season 4 Reunion: Meet the Cast and More Updates!

Below Deck, the Mediterranean has had a crazy season. So outlandish that “June June Hannah” tattoos aren’t out of the question. Mila’s homophobic remark, Hannah being encouraged to step it up by Captain Sandy Yawn, and Chef Ben’s tantrum has all taken place thus far in Season 4.

There have also been some engagement announcements from former Below Deck Med cast members, including Julia d’Albert-Pusey, Bryan Kattenburg, and Tiffany Copeland (who announced she is engaged to Evan Jones).

Bravo appears to have ruled out a Season 4 reunion, despite the show’s popularity and how invested fans are in the actors, given the current circumstances.

Several Below Deck Med alums have confirmed their engagement, including Julia d’Albert-Pusey (from Season 1), Bryan Kattenburg, and third-season cook Tiffany Copeland (who revealed her engagement to Evan Jones).

Bravo appears to have ruled out a Season 4 reunion, despite the show’s popularity and how invested fans are in the actors, given the current circumstances.

Will There Be a Below Deck Med Season 4 Reunion?

Captain Sandy Yawn and chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier had a falling out during season four of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup’s romance blossomed as a result of Chef Ben Robinson going through a tough time.

It doesn’t appear that Bravo plans to hold a season four reunion any time soon, according to Decider.

Andy Cohen, Bravo’s producer, claimed on Twitter that he had no say in the final decision.

In response to a fan, he said: “Not my decision!” without explaining why the reunion would not take place.

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When will the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion show air?

The fact that Andy is soliciting questions suggests that the reunion program is about to begin filming. Reunion broadcasts on any of the Below Deck networks have traditionally been shot three to a month ahead of time before airing.

The season 6 finale of Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Bravo on Monday, October 11 at 9/8c. On Monday, October 4, those who have access to Peacock will be able to view it a week early.

The reunion episode of Below Deck Med is set to air on Monday, October 18. On Tuesday, October 19, if it’s a two-part reunion, the second episode might air.

below deck med season 4 reunion

Bravo has the option of delaying the second part of the episode until Monday, October 25, which would coincide with the debut of the ninth season of Below Deck.

There will be a Season 6 reunion of the Lady Michelle cast and crew. The season has undoubtedly left a lot to be uncovered. Lexi will be the only one not in attendance.

Even Delaney Evans, who appeared on the show, is anticipated to drop by for a few minutes to share her experiences. There was a lack of friendliness among the crew, according to Delaney.

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When Is the Season Below Deck Med Finale?

below deck med season 4 reunion

There will be a special episode of Below Deck Mediterranean airing at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Monday, September 30. And you won’t have to go without Below Deck for too long either!

Below Deck returns to Bravo on Monday, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT for its seventh season, which will feature a trip to Thailand for the cast. Here’s a glance at what to expect in Season 7.

Despite the fact that we won’t be seeing a Season 4 reunion, we can expect to see more outrageous moments on Below Deck Med. Don’t forget that the season finale of Below Deck Med airs on September 30 and the new season of Below Deck begins on October 7!

Who Is the Cast of The Below Deck Mediterranean Season?

Captain Sandy and Malia White are the only two returning cast members on Lady Michelle’s crew.

The following actors and actresses will be appearing in the sixth season of Below Deck Mediterranean:

“Captain Sandy” yawns:

For the past six years, Captain Sandy has been in charge of Lady Michelle.

She is a 30-year yachting veteran from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Katie Flood: Stew the Chief

Hannah Ferrier was replaced in season 6 by Flood, a New Zealand native. Flood is the newest member of the Below Deck team.

In response to Malia White’s question, Bosun,

Malia White has returned to Below Deck Mediterranean for the third time. After divorcing her longtime boyfriend Tom Checketts in September of 2020, she will relish her newfound freedom this season.

When White showed Captain Sandy a picture of her unregistered valium and vaporizer in season 5, she was the one who had Ferrier yanked from his job.

Chef Matthew Shea

Chef Matthew Shea is a Rhode Island native with an impressive resume.

It’s no surprise that Shea has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, like Hugh Jackman and Rupert Murdoch.

Wilson, Lexi’s second-in-command

The Bahamian stewardess is known for her dramatic antics, so passengers should brace themselves for plenty of it.

When Lexi and Katie get into a fight in the season 6 trailer, she makes a big decision.

In charge of air traffic control, Courtney Veale

Stewardess Courtney, originally from North Wales, may find love this season.

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