Becca Tilley Bachelor Season: A Timeline of The Relationship Between ‘The Bachelor’ Alum Becca Tilley and Singer Hayley Kiyoko

‘Bachelor’ Alum Becca Tilley

Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko are having a particularly pleasant summertime experience. A recent Instagram post made by the former contestant on The Bachelor on May 20 revealed that she is dating the popular singer. Becca put as her caption, “Hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it is a launch,” before adding “#95p” as Hayley’s moniker.

Additionally, Becca presented Hayley with a collection of memories from the most recent few months. The song “Love You Like That” by Dagny was playing in the background when admirers observed the two of them kissing one other.

This post was published just a few hours after Hayley celebrated the release of her most recent success, “For the Girls,” by releasing the music video for the song.

The music video is a romantic and gay spoof of ABC’s popular reality show. In the video, Hayley is seen looking for the ideal mate before the unexpected appearance of Becca in a limo for the climactic moment.

‘Bachelor’ Alum Becca Tilley

Kiyoko said to Entertainment Tonight at the time, “Not to get too deep, but with so many anti-LGBTQ+ measures being enacted right now, it’s incredibly tough to be positive for our community.”

“And so I wanted to produce this for my followers so that they would be able to watch this film and see people that look like them succeeding while also being their genuine, genuine selves.

And doing so with the knowledge that despite legislative efforts, we will continue to exist, maintain our worth, speak the truth, and have the capacity to fall in love with whomever we choose.

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Since I am a major fan of The Bachelor, I always make an effort to celebrate the show, and I believe that they are going to like the surprise that is revealed at the very end.

Kiyoko plays the role of a Bachelorette contestant in the video, and Tilley is the final suitor to make an appearance. The two women kissed and revealed that they were romantically involved during the party celebrating the book’s release.

‘Bachelor’ Alum Becca Tilley

A source close to the couple told Us Weekly that during the PDA moment, Becca “said they’ve been together for four years and she was simply ready to express it.”

The source also noted that the couple appeared “really happy” at the party. It was Hayley’s night, but it ended up being Becca’s night as well because she kissed Hayley in public.

To view a timeline of Tilley and Kiyoko’s relationship, scroll through the following:

The year 2018 marked the first time the couple was captured on camera together.

Tilley said the following about Kiyoko in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December 2019: “I think it was just an instant connection.” “I’ve never had something so instant, like, from the beginning.”

She said, “If there’s a moment where I feel like OK, I’m ready to let everybody into my relationship and everyone can have an opinion on it,” [she will share] “then I will share,” but she did not mention any specific individuals.

‘Bachelor’ Alum Becca Tilley

Timeline of the Relationship Between Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock Confirmed for use in 2018 Someone was Tilley’s boyfriend at the time.

In November of 2019, the reality TV personality who had previously competed told Us that her partner had met her siblings.

‘Bachelor’ Alum Becca Tilley

“Since my family is scattered around the country, only my sisters have probably met you,” she explained, “but the rest of my relatives have not.” “This makes me quite happy. I’m in a really great spot right now.”

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Tilley stated that she was “95 percent” certain that she would marry her present partner as they were recording a live podcast episode together. As a result of this, Kiyoko’s devoted fans eventually began to refer to her as “95p.”

The two individuals were still getting along swimmingly and keeping things under wraps.

Tilley began posting on Twitter in May 2022, shortly after the release of the music video. “The third time’s the charm.” So incredibly joyful ”

On the same day, she uploaded video clips to Instagram that covered their time together over the previous four years.

She commented in the hashtag #95p: “Hard to say if this is a hard launch or a soft launch, but it is a launch.”


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