Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Get Ready To Rumble: Bargain Block Season 3 is Coming To Tackle Your Screens!

Bargain Block has been renewed for a third season on HGTV. The cable network has picked up 10 additional episodes of the show, all of which will air this summer. The series centers on home improvement pros and partners Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas as they work to renovate houses in Detroit.

HGTV has ordered 10 additional episodes of the hit renovation show Bargain Block. “Every day, Bargain Block viewers tell me how much they love the show,” said Loren Ruch, HGTV’s group senior vice president of programming and development.

They want to serve more communities, and this new 10-episode order will get them there. The best part is that they undertake all the work themselves, employing high-quality secondhand furniture and other DIY initiatives to update the property.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

The popular home improvement show Bargain Block on HGTV has been renewed for ten more episodes. The new season is scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2023. In its second season, the show received over 18 million viewers and placed in the top three of all non-news/sports cable shows among affluent P25-54 and affluent W25-54.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Shows how home improvement professionals Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, who are also partners, are working to revitalize some of the most recognizable American neighborhoods in Detroit, one house at a time. Loren Ruch, group senior vice president, of programming & development, is frequently told by “Bargain Block” viewers how much they appreciate the show.

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Bargain Block Season 3 Story

The hosts of “Bargain Block Show” buy foreclosed properties and turn them into luxurious mansions during the course of the show. Let’s wipe the slate clean and begin again. Intent on finding out some interesting specifics about the hosts? To that end, don’t stop looking. Keith Bynum is a brilliant designer, and Evan Thomas is a competent craftsman.

They want to employ a “one house at a time” strategy to restore Detroit’s housing stock. They buy run-down properties, fix them up, and then sell them at affordable prices to new owners. One other interesting thing about them is that when they remodel, they undertake almost all of the work themselves and perform many do-it-yourself fixes to cut costs.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Every house is decorated in its own unique way. In addition, they stay in each house for a while before moving on to the next one. In any case, we’re about to get to the interesting part, and we’re all familiar with the hosts. They are completely comfortable with one another, they get along, and they are also business partners.

Seeing as how they give off couple vibes, it’s reasonable that we feel this way. Taking into account the fact that they are a couple in real life as well. They met each other on, an online dating service, while they were both based in Colorado. Although we don’t know for sure, they don’t appear to be parents.

It’s nice and exciting to be able to work and live with your significant other. as if you two were destined to spend the rest of your lives together. When working together, what more could we want? Like-minded Keith and Evan Thomas are eager to work together to learn more about one another. They continue by noting it makes them laugh to think back on the times they used to wonder things like, “What if we stay apart?”

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Look at them now; they’re blossoming and building a life together. Where else have you been? If neither of them is from Detroit, how did they wind up there? The difference between Thomas and Bynum’s origins is that Bynum hails from Texas while Thomas hails from South Dakota. They met each other in Colorado, where they both lived at the time, and decided to start a home improvement business.

After reviewing market data, Bynum concluded that Detroit was the best place to establish its company. They came for the city’s trendy scene. In January 2017, Bynum went to Detroit with some cash in hand to look for a house to buy. Thomas eventually agreed to be his business associate.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

They had decided to begin their company in Detroit, but they weren’t sure how locals there would take to it. People in Detroit, especially their neighbors, enthusiastically embraced their ideas, much to their surprise. Their amazing adventure begins there and continues from there.

Bargain Block’ Cast: Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas

Both Keith Bynum and Evan had secure careers in other industries before entering the real estate market, and they never intended to make a living in the industry. The inspiration for all of this came when Keith developed an interest in carpentry and woodworking.

Through trial and error, Keith progressed to the point where he could sell finished farmhouse tables on Craigslist for a respectable profit. He quickly got to work fixing up their house, and then he bought a property in a sleepy Rocky Mountain hamlet with the intention of fixing it up and selling it for a profit.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Most of the house’s most eye-catching features were crafted by Keith, who also had a great time doing it because of his keen eye for design. When everything went so smoothly, he thought selling the house would be a breeze, but he ended up “crying during closing.”

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Where To Watch Bargain Block?

Amazon Prime Video now offers access to Bargain Block Season 1.

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