Ayesha Curry Weight Loss

“From Plus-Size to Perfect”: Ayesha Curry Inspiring Weight Loss Journey!

Canadian actress Ayesha Curry is multitalented and well-known for her many roles. She has made a name for herself in several fields beyond acting, including that of businesswoman, novelist, and TV host. Before marriage and motherhood, Ayesha’s life was already somewhat stressful. However, things ramped up considerably once she became a mom.

Canadian-American Ayesha Disa Curry is better known by her stage name. With her 2016 cookbook, The Seasoned Life, Ayesha Curry has also created a number of videos for her channel, Little Lights of Mine. Ayesha Curry began her work as a chef in 2014.

She was born on March 23, 1989, and she has no formal training as a cook. She has a successful cooking channel on YouTube where she shares her expertise with the world. She appeared in Suga Prince’s music video for “Too Young For Love” when she was just 12 years old.

Ayesha Curry Weight Loss

During the outbreak of the coronavirus, Ayesha Curry lost 35 pounds, she says. In a recent interview, she discussed in detail how she had done so. Curry started off by saying that she doesn’t make many resolutions at the beginning of the year. Instead, she says she’s the type of person who makes “monthly resolutions.”

Ayesha Curry Weight Loss

For the past three years, she has been “going through a health journey,” as she explained to me. I like to put my thoughts into words and make plans for the future. Being able to see things clearly is something I concentrate about and find helpful. “One of my major intentions for January is going to be to create a little bit of lean muscle,” Curry said.

I’ve lost 35 pounds in the past year, which is fantastic, but now I want to see some definition and feel confident in my body. To kick off 2023, Ayesha Curry collaborated with the MyFitnessPal app for a two-week health and fitness challenge called Restart Your Health. She’s giving advice and recipes to users in the hopes that they’ll be more successful in their own health journeys.

The new year brings “everyone’s going all in, balls to the wall, and wants to achieve the most,” but “you nearly always end up failing,” as Curry put it. So, the Jumpstart Your Health Challenge is a simple way to get started. It is not insurmountable; rather, it is manageable.

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Ayesha Curry’s Diet Plan

Ayesha Curry says she is in the greatest shape of her life in a video for Harper’s Bazaar. Wife of NBA player Stephen Curry and cookbook author Ayesha Curry, 31, recently shed 35 pounds and opened up about her diet and daily food intake. She further disclosed that she begins each day with coffee and intermittent fasting. Thus, in today’s post, I want to discuss the diet plan that Ayesha Curry followed to lose weight earlier this year.


As Ayesha Curry reveals, she always starts the day with a hot cup of joe. Depending on whether or not she has been fasting, she makes her coffee in one of several ways. When not on a fast, the 31-year-old enjoys a strong cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer. On the other hand, the day before yesterday, she was practicing intermittent fasting, so she began the day by adding a bit of coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil to her coffee.

Ayesha Curry Weight Loss

“If I’m intermittent fasting, I’ll do it with a little bit of coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and some MCT oil, which is for your brain fuel and so that you can operate,” she said. The mother of three also disclosed that she prepares her favorite breakfast meal only on the weekends as part of her diet. “An excellent smoked salmon scramble is one of my favorite breakfast foods.

She continued, “I included it in my first cookbook, ‘The Seasoned Life,’ and I still eat it to this day. Curry added that her favorite way to prepare scrambled eggs is to gently boil them with dill, salt, and pepper, then fold in the smoked salmon right before serving. Curry continued that she enjoys the hot water and drinks it throughout the day to keep herself hydrated. Not a big lover of ice water. Curry freely confesses, “I have no idea why.


Curry finds lunch to be the most difficult of her three daily meals. “I make sure the kids are fed and they have lunch, but then sometimes I slip off and forget to take lunch,” she explains. Curry said that if she has lunch, she waits until after her workout to eat.

Ayesha Curry Weight Loss

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But, if I do have lunch, it’s typically after a workout, and it consists of an arugula or spinach salad with a side of grilled protein like shrimp, tuna, or salmon. Poppyseed dressing, some chopped red onions, a pinch of salt and pepper, and a chocolate protein shake are my go-to salad toppings and post-workout refreshments, respectively.

This is what she had to say, she said. Another interesting tidbit: the TV star admitted that she is not a major snacker, but when she does indulge, it’s usually in the form of banana chips. If banana chips aren’t available, she’ll snack on carrot sticks or cucumbers instead. I try to eat nutritious snacks,” she remarked.


After putting her children to bed at 7, the Jamaican diva enjoys a relaxing meal alone. Indeed, the mother of three devotes most of her time and energy there. If I’m cooking for my family, my attention is directed there. It’s not breakfast, it’s not lunch, and it’s absolutely dinner because that’s when I know we’re going to get to sit down to a meal together,” she said.

Ayesha Curry Weight Loss

Ayesha is always on the lookout for “fast, simple, and easy” meal options, and her newest book, “The Full Plate,” features recipes for quick dinners like 20-minute sheet-pan dinners, pasta dishes, and simple steak dinners. The oxtail, rice, and peas with fried plantain is my favorite dish to prepare,” she declared.

To reiterate, I am of Jamaican descent and grew up eating Jamaican cuisine. When I create it, it just fills me with warmth and joy,” she said. Whiskey sours and mescal margaritas sweetened with maple syrup are two of Curry’s favorite cocktails.

Even Curry, who has admitted she can’t stop eating ketchup chips and donuts in the middle of the night, keeps to a strict dietary schedule. Curry went on to detail how she initially became interested in exercise and how she lost 35 pounds while in quarantine.

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Ayesha’s success in losing so much weight in a short period of time is proof that no challenge is insurmountable. that one is unrestricted in doing anything one pleases. When we don’t want to work out, many of us use the excuse that we’re too busy.

since we’re all so busy at the moment. Yet as Curry has shown, this is a wrong assumption. When we stop wasting time making excuses, we can do great things, as Ayesha Curry has shown. She has three children, is an actor, and hosts a cuisine show.

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