Bet Awards 2022: Kanye West Honours Diddy in A Surprise Appearance; References Kim Kardashian in His Speech'

At the Bet Awards 2022, Kanye West Makes a Rare Public Appearance and Slams His Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian.

To honor his buddy and fellow musician Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West made a surprise visit to the BET Awards 2022 to present him with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

A hood and mask concealed the face of Donda rapper as he entered and spoke about how Diddy, a great rapper, has influenced his career.

For whatever reason, Kanye West referred to his divorce from Kim Kardashian is one of his lengthy speeches. “We’re here,” he said, referring to the fact that he goes to Diddy for guidance on everything from “life choices to marriage choices.”

After he made a sarcastic remark, he and the crowd both laughed.

A rare public appearance by Kanye West at the BET Awards 2022

Bet Awards 2022: Kanye West Honours Diddy in A Surprise Appearance; References Kim Kardashian in His Speech'

Kanye’s speech included the following line: “Kanye West claimed that he still seeks counsel from Diddy. Many of my decisions are inspired by him.’ The decisions I’ve made in my life. My wife has the last say. Finally, ‘thanks, Puff!’ we are.

Comments about Kanye’s remarks on Twitter included jokes about his becoming a comedian following the death of his wife to one (Pete Davidson).

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The bulk of Kanye’s speech was devoted to applauding Diddy for breaking down barriers and making it possible for musicians like him to succeed. he stated “Kanye admitted that he had to overcome a lot of hardships in order to get to where he is today.

Classism, taste, culture, and swag were all broken down by him.’ It would be an injustice to you, Puff if I did not say the words “I love you.” to you.

Diddy’s 50th birthday party was attended by Kanye and Kim in 2019. Kim filed for divorce in February 2021, and the couple’s marriage ended soon after. In March 2022, a judge pronounced her to be ‘legally single.’ she was.

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