Animal Crossing Hacks

Animal Crossing Hacks: How To Quickly Improve Your Animal Crossing Villager Skills with The Help of Secrets, Hints, and Hint Sheets

Even while Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a laid-back game about constructing an island town from scratch, there is still plenty of hidden content and cheats to help you get the job done faster and easier.

This ACNH walkthrough will document every cheat, secret, and unlockable that can be found in the game.

The Art Museum’s Deceptive Time Machine

Animal Crossing Hacks

If you’re bored of waiting around for Redd and want to choose between false and real art as quickly as possible, you can use this Time Travel Cheat to breeze through the Art Wing of the Museum.

To help you out, I’ve written out the steps. To Doug Chin be the glory for alerting us to this exploit. Getting Redd to your island is the first step. If Redd is missing, you can find him by changing the date and time on your computer one day at a time.

If Redd shows up, go shopping at his store. Find out how to distinguish genuine artwork from reproductions with our helpful Art Guide (and keep track of them with our interactive checklist). Nothing needs to be purchased for this cheat to work, so don’t stress if Redd just has fakes for sale.

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When you’re done playing, save your progress, and quit the game.

Open the Switch’s System menu. System > Date & Time. Turn off the option to synchronize the time automatically with the internet. Set the time and date forward by only one day.
Activate Animal Crossing.

A new day has begun, and Redd is nowhere to be found. It’s a good opportunity to pick up any artwork you’ve been waiting for in the mail or to drop off a donation at the museum.
As soon as you’re finished, save your work and close the program.

If you want to bring Redd back, you need to go into the system settings and adjust the clock back a day. His store will soon be stocked with brand-new goods!
Carry on in this manner until you have amassed a complete museum collection.

Plans to Travel to New Lands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Invite the Villager

  • Villager Is Invited To Explore New Horizons In Animal Crossing (iMore has been given credit for the image)
  • It doesn’t matter how far you plan to get in the game, you’ll want to use your Nook Miles frequently to travel to other, less populated islands.

The answer is “yes,” and there are various explanations for why. Because this is the only way to invite the next group of animal residents to your town, doing so early in the game is a must.

If you want to invite these animals to dwell on your island, you need to seek them out around campfires on uninhabited islands and chat to them twice.

The second is the abundance of natural resources, like wood, stone, weeds, and more, on these uninhabited islands. In the beginning, you’ll need more of these resources than your island can provide; therefore, you should travel to other islands and collect what you can.

Lastly, these islands provide a convenient means of importing exotic plants to your island. On uninhabited islands, you can pick fruits that you can’t get back home and plant them to grow into new trees.

You’ll want to cultivate a bountiful harvest of these berries because their market value will exceed that of your local species by a wide margin.

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Animal Crossing: Switch: The Easiest Way to Make Money

Animal Crossing Hacks

When you strike a random rock in your town every day, it will drop bells. If you want to maximize your daily bell haul, you can apply the strategy described above. The ground may have cracks in it that shine gold, so keep an eye out for those as well. If you come upon one, dig it up to unearth a sack full of bells. Any amount of bells will grow into three identical bags if you bury them in the glowing hole to create a money tree.

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