Amouranth-Says-She-Made-33m: After Leaving Twitch for A While, Amouranth Says She Made $33 Million from Her *followers.

While many people in influential positions on Twitch like to talk about their wealth, few are as forthright as Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa about where and how much of it they make.

In the past, she has elaborated on her unusual business endeavors, such as owning a gas station and investing in a firm that manufactures plastic balls.

OnlyFans, a London-based subscription service where many pornographic photographs and videos are posted, appears to be her primary source of income, though.

A recent tweet claimed that OnlyFans was bringing in over $1.5 million for Amouranth per month, for over $33 million (£27.74m).

However, she will not add to that sum because she is leaving the service this year, albeit she has spent money (including on US billboards) promoting her presence up until the very end.

Amouranth moves to Twitch


In a series of tweets, Amouranth explained that she waits “to invest, raise funds, and publish it when the opportunities make sense.” Amouranth decided to shift to Twitch and stated that her first action will be to invest thousands in content for Twitch.

According to an interview with Qt Cinderella, this is not a new development for the maker; in 2016, the operator initially reached out to her, asking if she would like to join the platform and live stream the creation of fashions.

Then, after amassing over 5.2 million subscribers, she shifted her focus away from this area and began showcasing content for her dance, ASMR, and hot tub streaming. Siragusa has amassed an impressive 5.2 million viewers on Twitch.

Five times since then, in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, Ammonite has been temporarily barred from the broadcasting site for short periods of time.

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How wealthy is Amouranth?

The Texas-born inventor has invested in a number of businesses beyond the wildly successful OnlyFans and Twitch, most recently disclosing that she had bought £338,000 (approximately £275,000) of stock in S&P GlobalSpecializing in financial information and research.

She stated in a tweet that she had purchased Amazon stock for $1,084,000 (about £881,000) and would be purchasing more ‘aggressively.’

According to Techie Gamers, Amouranth is worth between $20 and $25 million thanks to her numerous company ventures and the success of OnlyFans.

As a result of OnlyFans, Amouranth has been a huge hit.

This 28-year-old has nearly one million likes on OnlyFans, making him one of the app’s most popular creators. That should serve as a counterpoint to her series of tweets detailing her salary.

Amouranth boasted about her monthly profits of over $1 million in a tweet from October 2021, and she had already made over $500,000 by the second week of July.

In spite of this, the inventor announced in April that she was quitting OnlyFans permanently to concentrate on her Twitch career.

She tweeted her decision to go “cold turkey” at OnlyFans, at which point she ceased being an “e-girl,” effective June 2022.

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