American horror story season 11 Release Date Status, Characters & Trailer: latest update 2022

american horror story season 11

Season 11 of American Horror Story is currently in production, and it’s hard to believe that the show that initially aired over a decade ago is still going strong.

That’s a subject of some discussion, to be honest. Death Valley, Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story spin-off, was disappointing in comparison to Red Tide in Season Ten, which had a promising start.

This does not exclude American Horror Story from returning in the future, however. At least 13 seasons of Murphy’s signature shoe will be on the air after FX extended it for three more seasons in January 2020.

For over a decade, American Horror Story was FX’s most-watched show, according to FX chairman John Landgraf. “Ryan and Brad [Fulchuk] are the undisputed masters of horror TV,” Landgraf remarked at the time.

American Horror Story Season 11 Cast

american horror story season 11

Jessica Lange’s return to the AHS cast would be welcomed by fans of the original show, but it doesn’t appear to be in the works. Since Freak Show, Lange has made it plain that she wants others to benefit from the platform. A two-episode return to her old role as Constance Langdon in Apocalypse was her only other appearance on the show since then.

Sarah Paulson is another favorite of the cast. As of this writing, she’s appeared in nine out of the ten seasons of AHS, and she’s also appeared in a number of Ryan Murphy’s other projects, including Feud and American Crime Story.

In an interview, Paulson hinted that season 10 might be her last. Although she has previously stated this, her status on the show is now undetermined. On Watch What Happens Life, Paulson uttered the following:

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American Horror Story Season 11 Plot

Season 11’s official title and launch date have yet to be revealed by Ryan Murphy, and he hasn’t even presented the plot to FX, Deadline said. There are also a few potential future topics Murphy has previously hinted at to his followers.

American Horror Story fans were asked which of six prospective season themes they were most excited about in an April 2021 Twitter poll. Alien invasion, Christmas horror, Piggy Man, Sirens, and Plague were among the potential subject matter for a horror film. Aliens, who emerged in Death Valley in Season 10, aren’t the only viable option for Season 11.

Even though there has been a lot of talk about the show’s theme being sirens, Red Tide could return to the ocean in Season 11. Asylum and The Naughty List’s Santa serial killer Leigh Emerson and Danny Trejo’s savage mall Santa have hinted at the Christmas Horror theme.

Because of Ryan Murphy’s fascination with distorting urban legends in American Horror Stories episodes, Bloody Mary and AHS’s own Piggy Man are feasible choices.

American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date

For the first nine seasons of AHS’s run, the show was precisely timed to coincide with the Halloween season. However, for a year, the epidemic had a significant impact.

In 2020, the show was not shown at all, most likely due to the government shutdown. The most recent season of Double Feature was aired in the early fall of 2021.

american horror story season 11

The new season is expected to launch in September or October of 2022 since things appear to be returning to normal. While there is no guarantee that FX would greenlight a second season beyond season 11, we may expect the show to return in 2023 and 2024, respectively, if no major world events occur before then.

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American Horror Story Season 11 Trailer

It’s a shame that there isn’t an official trailer for American horror story season 11. You can watch the previous episode while you wait.


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