Air Gear Season 2 Release Date Update: Will There Be A New Season?

air gear season 2

Japanese shonen manga series Air Gear is written and illustrated by Oh! Great. The genre of sports fiction has always been popular. To this day, other sports franchises, like the NBA, MLB, and NASCAR, have incorporated elements of anime into their live-action programming.

But who would have thought that a show on wave blading would be included? Because of the episode “Air Gear,” we know someone did.

Even on days when things aren’t going so well, there’s nothing like a fantastic inspiring series to get you through the day. Air Gear fails miserably in this regard since it continually muddles its aesthetic. While the show starts out as a sports-themed shounen, it quickly changes into an action-packed shounen. Until further notice, the following is all we know about Air Gear Season 2!

Release Date Of Air Gear Season 2

On April 5th, 2006, ‘Air Gear’ season 1 was released, and it ended on September 27th, 2006. After the first season ended, word of a second went throughout the world. However, a number of individuals incorrectly believe the two OVAs created after season 1 are the same.

At this point, it seems like the chances of a new season are little to none. The launching of Air Gear Season 2 in 2021 or 2022 seems to be a pipe dream.

air gear season 2

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Cast Of Air Gear Season 2 

Ringo Nayomano

Ringo is the female protagonist of the story, and she has known Ikki since she was a youngster. She is a young woman of the twenty-first century with reddish-purple hair that extends down to her waist. She normally wears her hair in a pair of long double tails with a little border on her forehead, which she usually ties back.

Itsuki Minami

Itsuki, often known as Ikki, is the main idol of the anime and the main character. Itsuki also has a connection with numerous school organisations before the anime begins, and it is his experience with these groups that eventually manifests itself in his one-of-a-kind Air Trek Team appearance.

Kazuma Mikura

Itsuki’s best friend Kazuma Mikura, also known as Kazu, is one of his closest confidants. He is the next in command of the Air Trek team Kogarasumaru, and he lives with his adult sister while his parents are away on a business trip. With bleached hair and sky-blue eyes, he is a normal-height young man of average height.

Trailer Of Air Gear Season 2 

There has been no trailer released for Season 2 of Air Gear. We will notify you as soon as any official information about the next season has been released. For the time being, you may view the first season’s episodes and trailer and make educated guesses about the plot.

Filming Of Air Gear Season 2 

The second season of Air Gear has not yet begun filming. In the event that we get further information on the filming, we will update this section.

Plot Of Air Gear Season 2 

Air Treks, often known as AT, are the most recent advancement in advanced skating technology to make an appearance. Despite the fact that this technology has taken the whole globe by storm, the authorities have imposed special security limits that prevent the technology from moving faster than a predetermined pace.

However, there is a group of adrenaline junkies known as the “Storm Riders” who have found a way to tamper with the gadget and allow it to perform to its full capacity.

ATs are being utilised for exploration and covert combat, and they have also become a symbol of delight for many people who wish to maintain control over the streets. Itsuki Minami, a typical high school student, is well-known at this tumultuous period for his involvement in road fights.

His one and only ambition in life is to overcome anything that stands in the way of him achieving fame and fortune. With the assistance of his friends Kazuma Mikura and Onigiri, he is prepared to overcome any obstacle that stands in his way.

On a particularly sunny day, he discovers a pair of Air Treks in his own home, and it is at this point that his good fortune starts to align with his ambition of reaching amazing heights.

Final Words 

In addition, despite the unfavourable feedback, we continue to feel that Air Gear offers potential benefits. If given a second opportunity, it has the potential to establish that the successful anime was completely rigged in season 1. As a result, it seems that the possibility of acquiring a new season exists at current moment. Become a part of our community to get the latest updates about Air Gear season 2.

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