About My Father Release Date

“About My Father” Release Date Finally Confirmed: A Tribute To All Fathers!

We all enjoy humor more than any other genre and thank God for the filmmakers who keep putting out comedies year after year despite all the horror and drama. The year 2023 boasts a fantastic schedule of films and television shows, but About My Father is one of the films that will stick out and have us doubled over in laughter.

Sebastian Maniscalco will pen the screenplay for this upcoming American comedy film, which is partially based on Sebastian’s relationship with his father. With regards to About My Father, there is a lot to be excited about, and we are here to fill you in. You will undoubtedly laugh so hard that you will cry while watching About My Father, but you will also learn what family really means.

As one of the funniest and best-known stand-up comedians in the world, Sebastian Maniscalco, we have no doubt that his comedy will work well on screen. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need about About My Father, from the plot to the characters, and much more, as the movie’s trailer just came out:

About My Father Release Date

On May 26, 2023, Lionsgate will release the movie About My Father in the US. With that timing, it can take advantage of the Memorial Day weekend and a potentially significant opening. On the same day. Disney is also releasing its live-action version of The Little Mermaid, but it seems unlikely that their audiences would be largely similar.

A new American comedy film titled “About My Father” will be directed by Laura Terruso and written by Sebastian Maniscalco and Austen Earl. Maniscalco plays the title character in the movie, which is partially based on his life and his interactions with his Robert De Niro-portrayed father.

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About My Father Plot

As previously indicated, the story revolves around Maniscalco’s stand-up, in which he frequently uses comedy to talk about his experience growing up with immigrant parents. His parents, who were Italian immigrants to the United States, brought him up in Chicago where he was born.

Then, in 1998, Maniscalco relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. He performed at local open mic events while working as a server to get his start in the business. He started performing at The Comedy Store in Hollywood on a regular basis by 2005, which helped him land his first stand-up special in 2009.

About My Father Release Date

Maniscalco will portray a fictionalized version of himself, with the character’s father having the same characteristics and job as Maniscalco’s real father. The movie probably won’t follow the traditional biography path, though. Instead, it is thought to be loosely based on actual occurrences in Maniscalco’s life. Location is one important distinction.

While Maniscalco was raised in Illinois, the movie About My Father was filmed in Mobile, Alabama. In any event, since this movie seems to be in the same tone as Maniscalco’s stand-up, fans of his work will probably appreciate it.

About My Father Release Date

His programs are known for making fun of in-laws, family, friends, human nature, and small, everyday irritations. Although the story’s overall structure is known, many plot aspects are still a mystery. The coming weeks and months will probably see the publication of further information.

Cast of About My Father

Sebastian Maniscalco, a former stand-up comic turned actor, is in charge of the ensemble. Maniscalco has a busy year ahead of him because he also has roles in Spinning Gold and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He has previously played in The Irishman, Green Book, and Somewhere in Queens.

About My Father Release Date

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On April 26, 2018, it was revealed that Sebastian Maniscalco had signed a deal with Lionsgate and would star in an unnamed movie based on his life. Maniscalco and Austen Earl would collaborate on the screenplay.

About My Father Release Date

Nothing further happened until May 12, 2021, when it was revealed that Laura Terruso would be directing the movie and Robert de Niro had been cast in the lead role. Chris and Paul Weitz from American Pie, along with Andrew Miano and his production business Depth of Field, were hired to produce the movie.

Leslie Bibb and Kim Cattrall joined the main cast in September 2021. David Rasche, Anders Holm, and Brett Dier joined the cast in November 2021. In Mobile, Alabama, principal photography started on September 21, 2021, and it lasted for one month.

About My Father Trailer

While De Niro is most well-known for his serious performances, he occasionally takes on humorous roles and wins over audiences. The teaser gives the impression that De Niro will once again dazzle potential viewers. Watch the video below.

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This year, About My Father, will be something to look forward to if you enjoy some classic humor. If you plan to see this comedy when it comes out, please let us know in the comments because we most definitely will!

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