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Whom Did Tweetch Marry and How Did It Affect His Life?

Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker were the epitomai of #marriagegoals; they were two of the world’s best dancers, deeply in love, and the proud parents of two gorgeous children.

Before Holker had told Parade that she and her husband were an example of marriage “In all candor, I consider it a great privilege. From what I can tell, we put in a lot of effort to keep our marriage strong. It’s incredible that this serves as a source of inspiration for so many individuals.

Maintaining a happy marriage takes effort from both partners. It’s something we deeply value and strive to improve upon, so I don’t mind if people give us a sideways glance because of it.” Take a look back at the good times that Allison Holker and tWitch shared.

In other words, who is Allison Holker?

In other words, who is Allison Holker?

The Ellen Show has made a star out of Stephen “tWitch” Boss. After starting in 2014, tWitch has become a household name thanks to the show, but Ellen wasn’t his first break.

The dancer first gained widespread attention in 2008, when he placed second on his season of So You Think You Can Dance. Because of this, Boss was able to achieve great success and eventually meet his future wife, Allison Holker.

The spotlight may be on Twitch right now, but Allison has been working in this field for quite some time as well. Holker, like Boss, is a dancer who has competed on SYTYCD.

Even though Allison didn’t end up in first place during the competition, she still managed to make it to the top 8 during season 2. This certainly didn’t hurt her career. Allison’s professional dancing career spanned many years before she joined SYTYCD.

She performed with Earth, Wind, and Fire at the Olympic Games in 2002, and went on to star in both High School Musical films. In light of the fact that her career took off in the late 00s, Allison started getting more and more bookings.

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What’s the scoop on tWitch and Allison?

What's the scoop on tWitch and Allison?

True love existed between Holker and tWitch; they were inseparable. After Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance ended in 2010, the couple started dating.

tWitch told People in February 2022, “We shared a dance at the wrap party of that season of So You Think You Can Dance and we have been dating ever since.” Also, Holker said “No words were exchanged, and no initial meeting or hangout was ever scheduled.

We danced the night away, and by morning we were inseparable, holding hands and never looking back.”

Can you tell me how many kids tWitch and Allison have?

Weslie and Zaia, both daughters, and Maddox, a son, are Holker and tWitch’s offspring. Prior to her relationship with tWitch, Holker was Weslie’s mother.

“And you know what I’ve learned after having three kids? Take comfort in the craziness. Take pleasure in the chaos, “A prior Parade article quoted what Holker had said. “Everyone is going through something similar, and you should accept it and try your best.

You have to keep going despite the bumps in the path. Let it go; just laugh it off, dance it off, or TikTok it away.” The couple expressed interest in expanding their family during an interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show in November 2022.

“Holker said, “I think we would love to start trying for another one,” and tWitch responded, “We do. Baby infants are the cutest things ever. It’s a never-ending back-and-forth.”


Allison and tWitch had discussed taking their kids dancing on a summer road trip.

Like tWitch, Allison is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and actor who has showcased her talents on So You Think You Can Dance. The Boss family became popular on TikTok due to their dance videos, many of which were uploaded during the family’s summer road trip in 2021.

Twitch and Allison are parents to three kids: Weslie, Maddox, and Zaia. Allison and tWitch gave Distractify an exclusive interview about their summer plans.

“We took the kids to see a dinosaur exhibit, and it was a drive-thru dinosaur exhibit and we found our little perfect spot in our drive-thru train where myself, Allison, and our oldest daughter, Weslie, jumped out of the car and set up the camera and did a TikTok with some dinosaurs in the background,” tWitch said, noting that filming dance videos in public can be “awkward.”

Friends and fans will be saddened by tWitch’s passing.

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