Who Is Still Together From Love Is Blind Season 2: All Details are Here

Who Is Still Together From Love Is Blind Season 2

There has been much speculation about the future of Love is Blind couples like Deeps and Shake, Nick and Danielle, and others from season 2. We’ve done the legwork and now you can read about what we found out for yourself.

There’s a reason season 2 of Love is Blind has been as popular as season 1: tears, heartbreak, and relationship drama. As with Married at First Sight, the Netflix version has us sucked in and invested in all six of the fictitious marriages. As a result, fans are eager to find out what happens to these happy endings.

There were a few couples who didn’t get to say “I Do” at the altar, but that doesn’t mean they’re done with each other. We’ve watched the entire series and scoured social media to get a sense of their current relationship status, eager to share our findings with you.

Netflix’s top 10 bar shows it’s as popular as the documentaries on con artist Anna Delvey and the Tinder Swindler, which are both currently trending.

Who’s Still Together In Love Is Blind Season 2?

In the first place, Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely. Reunion episodes like the most recent one confirm that Iyanna and Jarrette are still happily married and cohabiting. Life as a husband and wife has been difficult for Iyanna, but she described it as “really rewarding” as well. Then Jarrette chimed in, “I wouldn’t ride this rollercoaster with anyone but this woman right here,”

After successfully exchanging their vows, these two danced and celebrated with each other in the wedding episode. In response to his blushing bride’s declaration that he “does,” Jarrette replied, “I do, I do, I do.” As she said “I do,” she smiled back and shared a passionate kiss with her husband.

No doubt, the fact that these two are still going strong pleases the fans. One Instagram user commented on an adorable videomontage of the two: “Favorite couple this season.” “The best of the best!”

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen

The two reunited for an emotional reunion in which they discussed the huge off-air fight the night before the wedding – which ultimately ended the relationship – which made for emotional viewing.

“I think we’ve grown a lot as a couple who have fallen in love. That day, Natalie told me that I had grown a lot because of you. “However, I’m not. Sorry again. Even though we have a lot of issues to work through, I still love you and consider you my best friend,” he says.

It’s possible that those who expected them to resolve this issue will be disappointed. “Still love her,” Shayne, visibly shaken, told the cameras. Still believe she is a good person. It’s hard to believe that I would return to you after that kind of behaviour.

Even though Natalie and Shayne had a rough time on the show, it’s safe to say that Shaina tried to muddy the waters at some point. Then again, a lot of people were rooting for these two to win. After the wedding, the couple revealed that they had tried to date again. Then Natalie agreed with Shayne, saying that “it was too fresh” and that she “couldn’t move on.”

Fortunately, there appears to be no animosity between the two. Natalie recently posted a picture of herself and Shayne on Instagram. His “always protecting me and having my back” was praised by her, as well as the fact that “I would have always chosen you.”

Nick Thompson and Danielle

When Nick accepted Danielle’s ‘I Do’ at their stunning outdoor wedding ceremony, we all shed a tear of joy. His confidence in her was obvious: “I have no doubt that you are the person I’m supposed to be with.” The rest of my life will be better with you by my side, and I’m glad I found you.

In the reunion episode, the couple confirmed that they were still married and living together. Even Nick’s adorable pet pooch Mr Greyson was on hand to show off the couple’s new digs to curious onlookers.

As family members of both Nick and Danielle follow the couple on Instagram, we had a feeling they had made it. Hence, we took it as a sign that we’re doing fine as a married couple.

While on Danielle’s page, Nick left a heartfelt message defending her mental health and explaining the context of a scene that was misconstrued by some. As Nick wrote, “Always proud of you, your vulnerability, and your strength!.” Danielle stayed in their room because she was too sick to join Nick at the party in Mexico, which sparked an argument between the

According to her, “how I was portrayed on television is not an accurate representation of who I am as a person. “I know I need to work on a few things, but I was in a good place mentally before going on the show. Because of a tense environment, I ended up in a place I hadn’t expected, Everyone should be able to know the real me, not just a character on a reality TV show,” I hope.

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In the fourth place, Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee

Yeeesh. With these two, it was difficult to watch the reunion episode. The fact that Deepti was able to respect Shake as a human being was “mind blown” to her. Even though Deeps chose to wed her Indian husband on the big day, the fans seemed to be cheering her on.

“I hope you know how much you mean to me and how much of an impact you’ve had on my life,” she said in her final statement. “However, I’m afraid I’m unable to marry you. There should be someone who can tell me for sure. As a result, I’m making a decision for myself and will say no.

No doubt Shake’s vocal doubts about his feelings for Deepti have contributed significantly to the hostility between the two. Fans have criticised him for comments he made about his partner in the second season of Love is Blind. Including a less than complimentary one that she resembles his aunt – ouch.

Deeps has been open about the fact that she didn’t find a husband during her travels, but she has said that she did make friends for life. On one of her posts, she captioned, “These mems with these gems. Photos of the actress and the other women in the cast from behind the scenes.

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata

Sal, the sweet, Ukulele-playing ring bearer, was the one to bring the wedding festivities to a close. “I’m unable to,” I respond. He confessed to his future wife, “I just feel like I need more time.” This news was met with a simple “That’s fine” from Mallory. Thankfully. And then he quickly walked down the aisle, tears streaming down his cheeks.

In the reunion episode, viewers learned that the two had not rekindled their romance. Sal refused to discuss his thoughts or the reasons why things didn’t work out, saying that it was a personal matter. As a result, he told Mallory that the only thing he wanted to say was that he “felt unheard” during their arguments.

On the second season of Love Is Blind, there are no pictures of the two together on Instagram. Even so, this reaffirms that the two are not one. However, the ex-couple still follows each other on social media, so at the very least, they’re still friends.

Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley

After season 2’s sixth episode, these two decided to call it quits on their relationship. Kyle confirmed their split on Instagram, and it appears the two haven’t gotten back together since. For the rest of our lives, “no matter what, this special bond I have with Shaina is one that I will never forget,” the actor wrote on Instagram in an emotional post.

Shaina’s lack of faith or commitment to God proved to be the real problem for these two. When she couldn’t see a future or imagine raising her children with Kyle, she ended their relationship. Even so, many believe that Shaina’s longing for her pod pal Shayne is another obstacle to Kyle and Shaina’s relationship.

It was a very open reunion episode between the two of them. ‘You wasted my time,’ Kyle said when Shaina told him about Kyle’s feelings for Shayne. Shayna admitted that she should never have agreed to appear on the show, saying, “I should never have said yes.”


Who Is Still Together From The First Season Of Love Is Blind?

Kenneth Barnes, Kelly Chase, and Kelly Chase

The show’s two stars appeared to be having a great time. Disaster struck at that point. On the big day, Kelly Chase stunned viewers by rejecting Kenny Barnes. Kenny, on the other hand, has moved on quickly and is now engaged to Alexandra, with whom he has a daughter. With Kelly, she’s taking charge of her career and is now an entrepreneur and podcast host.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

There is good news for fans: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, the show’s first golden couple, are still together. On Instagram, the two frequently post lovey-dovey photos of each other. They even have their own Youtube channel, Hanging With The Hamiltons, where fans can see updates on their personal lives and love relationships.

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli

No one expected Damian Powers to say no when Giannina Gibelli asked him to marry her at the altar during their wedding. After a brief reconciliation in March 2020, the two decided to call it quits once more. During Damien’s reunion with Francesca Farago in Love Is Blind: After the Altar, there was even more tension between the two. The Bachelor star Blake Horstmann, who appeared in the January 2022 issue of US Magazine, is now Giannina’s new boyfriend.

Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten

Shaina and Kyle’s first meeting as an engaged couple? On the first season of Love Is Blind, Jessica was still heartbroken over Barnett, and Mark was deemed too young for her. Fortunately, both of them have since found new partners. Ben McGrath, a doctor, proposed to Jessica Batten. There are two children in Mark Cuevas’ relationship with Aubrey Rainey – Ace (born in 2012), who is engaged to Mark, and Axton (born in 2013).

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are a married couple.

Season 1’s second happy ending featured Amber Pike and Mike Barnett. In November of 2021, the couple will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

A post on Amber’s Instagram account reads in part, “I have been nothing less than blessed to find a partner that looks at life the same way that I do, as an adventure meant to be lived out rather than just dreamt about.” Our lives are full and we enjoy sharing them with our family and friends, so even if we had nothing else, I would still say that we have a good life.”

In The Second Season Of Love Is Blind, Where Were The Weddings Filmed?

The Ravisloe Country Club and its sister hotel La Banque in Homewood, Cook County, Illinois, were the locations for the Love is Blind season 2 weddings. As seen in the show’s finale, the beautiful Spanish mission-style clubhouse and outdoor areas are an established wedding venue in real life.

An announcement on Ravisloe Weddings’ official Facebook page confirmed their involvement in the Netflix show. Johanna Morawski, director of marketing and events at Ravisloe, said, “What a fun and awesome experience it was to work with the Team at Kinetic Content.”

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