When Flower Blooms, I Think Of The Moon: Everything you need to know about this K-drama!

When Flower Blooms, I Think Of The Moon: Everything you need to know about this K-drama!

Another historic romantic drama is on your way. and that we are able to provide you with all the important updates. This time, KBS2’s “If the flowers bloom, believe the moon.” The historical drama starring Lee Heli and Yoo Seung Ho dropped some teasers to urge a glimpse of the drama. the primary day, character posters, and other details also are here. So don’t wait anymore and obtain the release date and trailer for “When the Flowers Bloom, I feel of the Moon”. “If flowers bloom, I think of the moon” may be a Korean drama, KBS2. Dramas set within the Joseon era show that bans aren’t like human desires.

In addition, viewers will witness the romance between the battle aristocrat Kang Lo Seo and Korea’s supreme inspector Nam Young. The 2 are completely opposite, and therefore the teaser proves an equivalent. How do they fall in love? Additionally to Lee Heli (Girls’ Day) and Yoo Seung Ho, Choi Won Young, Kang Mina, Byeon Woo Seok, and Jang Gwang also will appear in “If Flowers Bloom, If Flowers Bloom, Moon”.

When Flower Blooms, I Think of The Moon Official premiere date

If the flowers bloom, the moon will begin at 9:30 pm on December 20th. KST. we’ll adopt the schedule currently owned by “Koimu”. The drama has 16 episodes with a run time of 7075 minutes. Also, being KBS2 original, the drama releases new episodes on the cable network every Monday and Tuesday. 

So far, the drama releases episodes over the cable network. As a result, viewers living outside the Korean border will need to wait for another streamer to broadcast the drama. we’ll share the chance to ascertain “Thinking about the moon when flowers bloom” online. Websites like Rakuten Viki, WeTV, and Kocowa may later be available on the platform.

What can you expect?

The historical drama is performed during the Joseon Dynasty when the ban rules are the strongest. it’s difficult for residents to interrupt the principles and do what they need to try to do. During all this, Kanroso may be a fighting aristocrat who begins to illegally make alcohol to assist her family. 

Meanwhile, Nam Young is Korea’s supreme inspector and is understood for his principles and his determination. It’s exciting to ascertain how they fall crazy with different personalities. fans also are excited to ascertain a helicopter during a historical drama after such an extended time. I finally met within the fantastic love drama “Nine-tailed Fox”. Meanwhile, Sungo was last seen within the 2020 “Memorist”.

Official trailer

Unfortunately, the drama has not released an official trailer. However, you’ll get a glimpse of the drama through the teaser and character posters. Photos of Kanroso and Namyoung have recently been released by KBS2. the 2 are often found in very unpleasant positions, as their different personalities are reflected in their expression. 

Nam Young holds the baton, looking anxiously at his face. Meanwhile, he tries to catch Kang Lo Seo. That’s because we’ve barrels that appear to be crammed with alcohol. Meanwhile, Kang Loso evokes a smile through his photographs. The headline of the poster says “Principle inspector and therefore the persecution romance of a lady who illegally brews alcohol.” Comic posters mark the start of their love-hate relationship. and that we can’t wait to experience romance.

The drama producer says the poster carefully and cheerfully captures the differences in her personality. They also want viewers to seem forward to their compatibility within the drama. Please see the poster below.


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