What Is an MHT File? How To Open, Edit, And Convert MHT Files?

This article defines an MHT file and explains how it differs from HTML. We’ll also go over how to access them once they’ve been downloaded to your computer, as well as how to convert them to more common file types like HTML and PDF.

What Is an MHT File?

An entry in the corresponding file. The MHT file extension is used to denote a file that is an MHTML Web Archive, which can save web pages, graphics, movies, and sounds. These files can store more than simply text, unlike HTML files.

Unlike when viewing an HTML web page, in which just links to images and other content stored in other locations are displayed, all of the content for the page may be bundled into a single file in this format, making it a practical way to archive a web page.

How to Open MHT Files

What Is an MHT File?

Most MHT files can be opened with a web browser like Chrome, Opera, Edge, or Internet Explorer. Microsoft Word and WPS Writer both provide access to a sample. WizHtmlEditor and BlockNote are only two examples of HTML editors that are compatible with the format.

It can also be opened in a text editor, albeit you won’t be able to view any of the file’s non-textual components (such as images) within the text editor.

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How to Convert an MHT File

The MHT format can be converted to other file types, such as PDF or images, using a document converter application like Doxillion or AVS Document Converter. Turgs MHT Wizard allows you to export to numerous formats, including PST, MSG, EML/EMLX, PDF, MBOX, HTML, XPS, RTF, and DOC.

What Is an MHT File?

In addition, the non-text files on the page can be quickly and easily extracted to a folder (like all the images). Don’t forget that the trial edition of this converter comes with restrictions because it costs money. The MHTML Converter is another option, and it is used to convert MHT files to HTML.

More Information on the MHT Format

There is a lot of overlap between HTML and MHT files. The distinction is that the latter merely stores the page’s textual content. Images in an HTML file are actually links to other images (either online or locally stored images), which are loaded when the page is opened.

MHT files are distinct because they save the picture files (and others like audio files) within the same file, allowing the page to be viewed and its files to be played even if the online or local images are deleted. For this reason, they are ideal for archiving websites, as the files are kept offline in a single, easily-accessible file, regardless of whether or not the website in question longer exists.

What Is an MHT File?

All relative links that went outside the MHT file are now directed to the internal files. This is automatically taken care of for you as part of the creation process, so there’s no need for you to worry about it. Software like Microsoft’s OneNote has the ability to save files in this format. Internet Explorer 11 and possibly other browsers allow you to save web pages as MHT.

Since the MHTML format is not standardized, it is possible that saving and opening the file in one web browser will result in a somewhat different appearance than opening the same file in another web browser. Not all browsers automatically support this format. There is a lack of support from some browsers.

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Still Can’t Open It?

If the following solutions don’t work, then you might not be dealing with an MHT file after all. Make sure you have the correct file extension; it should end in.MHT. Alternatively, it could be something extremely similar if it doesn’t.

What Is an MHT File?

Regrettably, the superficial similarities between the file names and their letters do not indicate any shared or related file formats. Unlike MHT files, which can be accessed and converted with relative ease, MTH files (which are utilized by Texas Instrument’s Derive system) cannot.

In a similar vein, NTH is utilized for Nokia Series 40 Theme files, which may be accessed using Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio. These files could also have been saved with the MHP extension, which is associated with the Mathematics Helper Plus program from Teachers’ Choice Software.

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