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How the truck accident that changed Tracy Morgan’s life

While millions of people remember American actor/stand-up comedian Tracy Morgan from his successful acting appearances on 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, fewer people may realize that he was previously engaged in a tragic truck accident.

In 2014, a Walmart truck smashed into the rear of Morgan’s bus limo on a New Jersey highway. This horrific accident resulted in devastating consequences for Morgan, including a traumatic brain injury, shattered bones, and internal hemorrhage. Another passenger perished in the collision.

Morgan’s Grief Over the Death of His Friend

Morgan's Grief Over the Death of His Friend

Morgan was on his way to a comedy club with his friend and fellow comic Jimmy McNair, who was also riding along in the limo bus. There were six persons in the vehicle, but only McNair was killed.

Despite the passage of time, Morgan has not stopped openly mourning McNair and paying tribute to him on social media. Even though Tracy Morgan’s health has vastly improved, he will never get this back, and he still deeply regrets it.

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Brain damage caused by trauma

Morgan’s severe brain damage was one of the most tragic aftereffects of this incident (TBI). Morgan’s limo was struck by a Walmart tractor-trailer whose driver had failed to account for the slower speeds of surrounding cars and forced to swerve into oncoming traffic.

When Morgan’s luxury bus was struck from behind, it careened into oncoming traffic. After rolling onto its side, the limousine came to a stop. For Tracy Morgan, the road to recovery from a traumatic brain injury was long. Here are some of the long-term consequences of traumatic brain injury:

  • Significant personality and behavioral changes;
  • Severe anxiety and depression;
  • Periods of aggression;
  • Marked changes in memory and cognition.

The comic acknowledges having suffered from severe depression in the early stages of his rehabilitation, and he gives much of the credit for his progress to the unwavering support of his loved ones and professional staff. Morgan’s lawyer claims that a year had passed after the accident, and the comedian still showed no indications of recovery from his injuries.

How much money did Tracy Morgan earn from the Walmart truck settlement?

How much money did Tracy Morgan earn from the Walmart truck settlement?

Morgan’s settlement for his truck accident claim is private, while McNair’s kids allegedly won $10 million in 2015. Evidence presented in later court proceedings indicates that Tracy Morgan’s and another passenger’s claims accounted for more than 90% of Walmart’s total settlement.

Given the number of people hurt in this accident, Morgan’s and the other passengers’ combined payouts may have been worth more than $90 million, according to legal experts.

—While the truck driver and the shipping company may be held primarily liable in cases of clear negligence, many semi-truck accidents also include third parties such as transportation brokers and freight forwarders.

Pain and suffering can be difficult to quantify, as can the cost of medical care and continuous therapy for injuries. Having the assistance of a law firm that specializes in transportation accidents might be essential.

Have you ever been in an incident involving a large commercial vehicle? After a trucking accident, the insurance company for the trucking company will likely submit a lowball settlement offer that doesn’t take into account the full cost of your medical care.

From evidence collection to damage estimation, having the assistance of a law firm with experience with trucking accident cases is a huge benefit. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, an experienced trucking accident law company will take your case to trial to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Compensation Seeking

In all likelihood, the Walmart truck driver who collided with Morgan’s limousine bus was going too fast immediately before the collision. Tracy Morgan’s life was irrevocably changed as he attempted to avoid a jam caused by a big concentration of slow-moving traffic.

Surprisingly, Walmart’s legal team claimed that Morgan’s injuries weren’t the consequence of the driver’s carelessness, but rather, her own lack of a seatbelt. Despite this objection, Walmart reached a settlement with the actor and the other passengers for an unknown sum.

This incident emphasizes the significance of seeing a lawyer following a personal injury.

Truck accidents are typically devastating. The rehabilitation from TBI may be an exceedingly long and arduous one, and TBI victims are never guaranteed to restore their prior levels of brain functioning.

Moreover, many people never restore their prior personalities, speaking talents, and other functions. Although Tracy Morgan’s recovery is definitely outstanding, he still battles with both TBI and the physical effects of this incident more than six years later.

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