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Owen Wilson’s Nose: What the Heck Happened There? Here’s how It Looked Before

Owen Wilson, a comedian with a career spanning over two decades, has recently branched out into the superhero genre with his television series Loki.

With his latest film, Marry Me, Owen has reignited the age-old debate about what happened to his nose in the major roles of romantic comedies.

Where did Owen Wilson’s nose go wrong?

Where did Owen Wilson's nose go wrong?

Owen explains how he got his famously crooked nose in an interview with the Los Angeles Times from 2001. Owen’s nose was broken twice before he started acting. He had his nose broken in a fight when he was a teenager, right here in Dallas at St. Mark’s High School.

Injuries sustained while playing football were the cause of the second time he broke his nose. While Owen seemed unconcerned with the comments made about his “sort of strange, malformed” nose, he revealed to the L.A. Times that he often heard such remarks.

Even if his nose hadn’t been broken, he said, “it wouldn’t have been that fantastic.” Owen’s nose isn’t the only part of his past that’s fascinating.

His parents reportedly enrolled him at the New Mexico Military Institute after he was expelled from high school for fighting; he eventually graduated and enrolled at The University of Texas.

During his time at UT, he became close with a future co-worker and film industry icon Wes Anderson.

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Owen Wilson’s Nose: What’s the Matter with It?

Owen Wilson's Nose: What's the Matter with It?

If you ask different people, you’ll get different answers. Wilson will probably insist everything is fine if you ask him. Try asking one of his die-hard admirers for an opinion on this. But if you ask a doctor, especially a plastic surgeon, you’ll get a different story.

The bridge of Wilson’s nose is significantly curved. There is an enormous nostril on one side. Something seems a little odd about the bridge, and it’s obvious at first glance.

The cartilage seems to have attended one too many fight nights. All of these problems are merely physical.

Having a Motorcycle Accident: Owen Wilson

When Wilson graduated from high school, his parents made him enroll at the New Mexico Military Institute. The rest is history. He went from being a “troublemaker” on the schoolyard playground to a “world-famous actor,” as he put it, himself.

At an early age, Owen was involved in a motorcycle accident in addition to the occurrences that resulted in a broken nose. This occurrence in 2000 was covered extensively by the media.

The star of “Marry Me” claims that he was involved in a motorbike accident on Thanksgiving Day as he was traveling with his buddies, including his best buddy “Wes Anderson” and the Wilson brothers (“Luke” and “Andrew”).

Following the impact, he found himself in the air. His face was hurt because he fell on his face. Fortunately, he did not reinjure his broken nose or suffer any other physical harm.

To what end has Owen Wilson refused to have his nose fixed?

To what end has Owen Wilson refused to have his nose fixed?

So as to get his nose back up to par, he has really resorted to surgical intervention. According to a report in Tuko.co.ke, the actor has undergone two rhinoplasties. The purpose of these operations was not a cosmetic but rather functional improvement.

In spite of multiple operations, his nose remains crooked. All praise be to God! Who would dare try to repair this exquisite living work of art?

Repairing the mole on Natalie Portman’s face would be like removing Forest Whitaker’s left eyelid, Adele’s chin dimple, or Adam Driver’s… anything.

I think even Jennifer Grey’s dead nose would agree with you on this one. Wilson is a multitalented individual who can do a wide range of things. He seems to put more stock in his abilities than in his looks.

To my knowledge, he has not shown any willingness to sever his nose to spite his face. He feels secure enough in his own skin to wear this masterpiece.

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