American Fantasy Drama T.V Series: Warrior Nun Season 2, Release Date, Everything We Know So Far

American Fantasy Drama T.V Series: Warrior Nun Season 2, Release Date, Everything We Know So Far

The Heavens opened up in July 2020, and Warrior Nun, their latest original fantasy series, was sent down to Earth via Netflix. The religious series, largely based on Ben Dunn’s iconic Warrior Nun Areala comics, features Ava (Alba Baptista), a young woman who died and was resurrected with a halo fixed on her back, now destined to join a covert, holy collective of demon-hunting warriors.

The mythological series, which aired to acclaim among fantasy lovers and seemed to be just getting started on its divine spiritual journey, was reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, albeit with amped-up action sequences.

Fans have been wondering if they’ll be seeing more of Ava and her Sisters after the first season concluded with a huge reveal. While you wait for more of Simon Barry‘s (Van Helsing, Bad Bad) program, here’s all we know so far about Warrior Nun Season 2.

Here’s The Tweet by Netflix

Will Warrior Nun get renewed for a second season?

American Fantasy Drama T.V Series: Warrior Nun Season 2, Release Date, Everything We Know So Far

Hallelujah! In mid-August, about a month and a half after Warrior Nun premiered on Netflix in July 2020, the streaming service announced its renewal for a second season. Netflix announced the return of the show on Twitter with a heartwarming video of creator Simon Barry imparting the news to the Warrior Sisters themselves. Their surprise and joyous reactions mirror our own feelings.

Here’s the Tweet by Simon Barry

When will the second season of Warrior Nun be released?

We’ll have to wait a while before we can get back into the horrific action. Season 1 premiered in early July 2020, however production on Season 2 didn’t begin until summer 2021. Barry confirmed on November 3, 2021 that the main unit production has officially ended, leaving just the second unit and post production. If all goes as planned, we may see more Warrior Nun on our screens in 2022.

Who from the cast will be back for Season 2 of Warrior Nun?

American Fantasy Drama T.V Series: Warrior Nun Season 2, Release Date, Everything We Know So Far

Given that Simon Barry informed all of the Warrior Sisters about the renewal, it’s safe to assume that those demon-slaying sisters will return. Expect to see more of Ava (Alba Baptista), Shotgun Mary (Toya Tuner), Sister Lilith (Lorena Andrea), Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young), and Sister Camila (Kristina Tonteri-Young) as the major nuns (Olivia Delcan).

More of Jillian Salvius (Thekla Reuten), Father Vincent (Tristan Ulloa), and Mother Superion would also be welcome (Sylvia De Fanti). Since the first season finale revealed that Adriel, who is played by William Miller, is the diabolical, demonic power behind this divine catastrophe, he should play an even bigger part in Season 2.

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Even if Ava is progressively moving toward being a part of the heavenly realm rather than the terrestrial one, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that characters like JC (Emilio Sakraya) will arrive in the future. Because he and the Warrior Nun team want the series’ mythology to be continuously balanced by this reality, Barry told Entertainment Weekly that there’s “always” room for human beings.

Is there a new cast member in Season 2 of Warrior Nun?

American Fantasy Drama T.V Series: Warrior Nun Season 2, Release Date, Everything We Know So Far

In October 2021, the show announced the addition of three additional cast members: Yasmine Amunet, a Coptic nun/journalist, will be played by Meena Rayann (Game of Thrones), charismatic activist Miguel will be played by Jack Mullarkey (Vikings: Valhalla), and the Vatican’s Cardinal William Foster will be played by Richard Clothier (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).

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What will the topic be?

The Netflix original made a mistake by finishing Season 1 with such a cliffhanger finale. Now that it’s been discovered that the Order of the Cruciform Sword’s founding mythology is a lie—that Adriel is actually a devil who stole the halo—the Sisters are faced with a centuries-old problem.

Last season ended with the evil force escaping from the Vatican’s long-held tomb and unleashing his demons into the world, so the Warriors will have a lot more darkness on their hands going ahead, on top of their usual hunting. In Season 2, not only will they have to tackle this, but the Order as a whole will have to confront its past and values.

American Fantasy Drama T.V Series: Warrior Nun Season 2, Release Date, Everything We Know So Far

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According to Simon Barry, what’s at stake moving forward is far more than Ava’s personal troubles assimilating to the organization. With that, he implied that the next Pope (Joaquim de Almeida) might have his own plans for dealing with the crisis, and that Father Vincent’s treason might play an even bigger role.

“Having a figure like Father Vincent believe in something so strongly makes you question the story you’ve been presented,” he says. “If he believes in Adriel, there’s a chance there’s something there that the others aren’t aware of. As a result, we’re relying on Vincent’s faith in Adriel to keep things flexible rather than black-and-white.”

While the show is only in its second season, it appears to be the first step in a longer journey that the OCS is about to go on. Following the current revelations, Barry stated, “Is it possible for them to exist in the same way they did before? They are unable to do so. Because of what transpired, this hidden group has a new mandate, and the Pope has lost faith in it—all of this has made rebuilding more difficult.”

In an interview with Refinery29, star Alba Baptista promised big plans for Season 2 and beyond: “For an eventual season 2, there will be a big, major announcement. It was well-considered. It wasn’t merely a freak occurrence. For another year, the audience will have to guess at another plot surprise. They’ll have to wait till next year.”


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