American Actress: Viola Davis Net Worth, Personal Life, Philanthropy And Activism

American Actress: Viola Davis Net Worth, Personal Life, Philanthropy And Activism

Viola Davis is an actress from the United States with a net worth of $25 million. Davis began her acting career as a successful theatrical actor before moving on to cinema and television.

The “Triple Crown of Acting,” which implies she has won at least one Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Tony Award, is one of her most significant accomplishments.

She is the first African-American woman to accomplish this. Viola has a long list of credits as a producer in addition to her acting career. She is also a human rights activist who is concerned about topics such as child starvation.

Between September 2019 and September 2020, she earned nearly $15 million, making her one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

Early Years

American Actress: Viola Davis Net Worth, Personal Life, Philanthropy And Activism

Viola Davis was born in St. Matthews, South Carolina, on August 11th, 1965. Davis was born on a farm but relocated to Rhode Island with her family when she was two months old. She has five sisters, but only two of them moved to Rhode Island with her, while the rest stayed on the farm with her grandparents.

At the time of her birth, her father worked as a horse trainer, and her mother worked as a maid and a Civil Rights activist. Davis had a difficult childhood in Rhode Island, where she lived in run-down apartment complexes amid extreme poverty.

When Viola was in high school, she discovered her passion for acting and enrolled in a number of extracurricular arts programs and schools. Davis’ acting abilities were rapidly recognized, and she decided to pursue acting as a career.

She majored in drama at Rhode Island College after graduating from high school. She was admitted into the prestigious Juilliard School after graduating from university, where she spent the following four years honing her acting skills.

Real Estate

American Actress: Viola Davis Net Worth, Personal Life, Philanthropy And Activism

Davis paid $5.7 million for a magnificent mansion in Toluca Lake in 2016. The opulent, two-story home has 7,500 square feet of living space and a plethora of high-end amenities.

A 600-bottle wine cellar is accessible through a glass door in the formal dining room.

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The property includes a private theater with a 4K projector, in keeping with Viola’s career. Fountains, a pool, a built-in BBQ, and a fireplace can all be found in the outdoor area. This home is completed by a three-car garage.

Viola Davis sold her Los Angeles home for $1.15 million in 2017. The property has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and is located in the Granada Hills district of San Fernando Valley.

Davis bought the property for $1.7 million in 2005, according to documents. It’s unclear why she sold for such a low price, but she was probably just ready to get the deal done and move into her much more lavish Toluca Lake property.

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Activism and philanthropy

American Actress: Viola Davis Net Worth, Personal Life, Philanthropy And Activism

Davis gave money to her hometown public library in Central Falls, Rhode Island, in 2011 to help it avoid closing owing to a lack of financing from the city. Davis gave money to her alma mater, Central Falls High School, to support its drama program in 2018.

Davis has been working with the Hunger Is campaign to help end childhood hunger in the United States since 2014. Davis, when asked about her profession, stated that “In our country, seventeen million children, or one in every five, go to bed hungry.

I was one of those kids because I grew up in abysmal poverty; I did everything you could think of to get food, including rummaging through garbage cans and stealing from the local shop on a regular basis.” Davis, who was honored at the 2014 Variety Power of Women luncheon, added that “The word ‘eradicate’, ‘get rid of’ – not by thirty percent, not by twenty percent, not by fifty percent, but to do away [with it] – was what drew me in. Because everyone should have the opportunity to be a child, grow up, and pursue the American dream “.. Davis launched the $30K in 30 Days Project with Hunger Is in September 2017, awarding a $1,000 gift to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank in her hometown.

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Davis attended the groundbreaking of a free community health center sponsored by the Vaseline Healing Project in Central Falls, Rhode Island in October 2016 as part of her engagement with Vaseline to promote the Vaseline Healing Project.

American Actress: Viola Davis Net Worth, Personal Life, Philanthropy And Activism

The project provides dermatological care to persons impacted by poverty around the world in order to help them repair their skin. She was also a speaker at the Los Angeles Women’s March in 2018.

Private life

Davis married Julius Tennon, an actor, in June 2003. In 2011, the couple welcomed a baby girl into their family. Davis is also Tennon’s stepmother to his two children from prior marriages.

Davis is a devout Christian who visits Oasis Church in Los Angeles on a regular basis. Viola Davis married Julius Tennon, a fellow actress, in 2002. Davis became the stepmother to Tennon’s two children from a previous marriage after the marriage. In 2011, the couple added to their family by adopting another child.


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