Travis Scott And Drake

Travis Scott And Drake Sued Over Astroworld Drama

After the drama that took place on Friday, November 5, at the Astroworld festival in Houston, Travis Scott and Drake find themselves sued.

The Astroworld Festival, organized last November 5 in Houston (USA), was bereaved by the death of 8 people. Rapper Travis Scott and his colleague Drake are now the subjects of a complaint.

Astroworld Festival Turned Into A Bizzare Drama

The party turned into a tragedy. Friday, November 5, eight people were killed during the Astroworld festival, organized by rapper Travis Scott, in Houston (Texas). Many injured are also to be deplored.

In total, 50,000 people were gathered to attend the show of the ex-husband of Kylie Jenner. Despite the 360 ​​police officers and 240 security agents present, the situation quickly escalated. It’s the least we can say.

Indeed, from the start of Travis Scott’s show, around 9 p.m., many panic movements sowed chaos. Several spectators thus lost consciousness in the crowd. As a result of these incidents, the situation worsened more and more. In the crowd, panic quickly gained the ranks. Several spectators have also lost their lives following heart attacks.

On social networks, several videos of the drama circulated. As can be seen from the images, an ambulance went into the middle of the crowd to rescue the victims.

At the sight of the vehicle, Travis Scott interrupted his show. But, convinced that the situation was not serious, he resumed with a vengeance. The rapper then brought his friend Drake up on stage. An arrival that electrified the public even more.

After the tragedy, many fans accused Travis Scott and Drake of continuing the show despite the drama. Today, the two rappers find themselves even sued.

Thomas J. Henry Law Firm Sues The Singers

Following the drama at Astroworld, many fans believe Travis Scott and Drake have their share of the blame. One of the spectators injured during the evening, Kristian Paredes, even went so far as to file a complaint against the two rappers.

On Twitter, the Thomas J. Henry Law firm confirmed on Sunday that it had filed “one of the first complaints against the Travis Scott tragedy at the Astroworld festival”. The first but probably not the last.

In the complaint, filed in court in Houston, Kristian Paredes explains having “felt an immediate push” at the front when Travis Scott arrived: “The crowd has become chaotic. A stampede has started.”

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