The Witcher Season 2: Geralt Will Face This Giant Monster!


Netflix is ​​raising the pressure before season 2 of The Witcher. A video posted on the series’ Twitter shows a colossal monster. Be careful with your eyes; Netflix has decided to send heavy loads! The platform is publishing a new teaser for season 2 of The Witcher on the Twitter series. And many monsters will thrill fans.


Because fans of the game and the book series already know some monsters that are likely to happen. Netflix thus decided to make the mouth-watering enthusiasts of the first hour with a second thrilling teaser and also evocative.

Evocative because there is a prominent villain already seen in video games. But also already read in the books. A species of enormous centipede will thus come to disturb season 2 of The Witcher: the myriapod. And Geralt is going to have two or three problems.

Very powerful, the myriapod will thus give a hard time to the hero played by Henry Cavill. Screenrant thus remembers The Sword of Destiny, a story among the books that devote a large part of its action to the myriapod.

So here is Henry Cavill, very busy. The hero of The Witcher, grappling with this kind of giant centipede, seems very severely on board. Because the teaser does not show him the best possible way, he finds himself in difficulty.

A kick and he is thrown into a rock: the battle promises to be long and hard. Netflix indeed never leaves easy tasks of Geralt of Rivia. And the myriapod is therefore likely to be one of the most anticipated monsters of season 2.


Netflix, therefore, sends heavy reminders that season 2 arrives on December 17. Already caught up in the initiatory journey Ciri and Geralt started, they are facing a remarkable moment: a terrible fight during episode 3. In any case, probably in episode 3, still according to Screenrant. In the meantime, fans will follow a duo in The Witcher. Because Geralt, in addition to being more muscular than ever, will also guide Ciri.

A spiritual guide so that she can better control her powers. Season 2 should therefore revolve around the duo, which fans will follow for a while. But in addition to this deep story, there will be quite a bit of fighting to be expected.

The myriapod will not be the only one to sow confusion in The Witcher. The first teaser unveiled by Netflix has indeed given pride of place to the fans. Especially by revealing two other monsters straight out of the pages of the books.

We thus discover a terrifying Leshen. But above all, a Nivelles. This beast, which takes on human form, will be played by actor Kristofer Hivju. And she too may want the head of Geralt. He will therefore have to fight throughout this season.

Netflix is ​​therefore making fans wait (and shudder) until December 17. In the meantime, there is still time to redo the first eight episodes of the first season.


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