Squid Game Season 2: Is Seong Gi- hun’s Daughter In Danger

Squid Game Season 2

Season 2 of Squid Game has just been made official. In this second part, Seong Gi-hun’s daughter may well be in danger.

Squid Game Season 1 has barely ended, and fans are already asking for more. Everyone is looking forward to season 2, but they may well be surprised at the fate of Seong Gi-hun’s daughter. We tell you everything about the Squid game Season 2


The end of Season 1 has given way to many doubts in the minds of fans. Suddenly, it also gave birth to different theories in them! And for a good reason, if the main character Seong Gi-hun had taken the plane, a season 2 might not have been necessary.

But considering the end of Season 1 of Squid Game, fans are wondering what will be in store for them. At the moment, no one knows. Not even its creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk!

He also admitted to being under tremendous pressure in the face of the expectations of Squid Game fans. Indeed, it is difficult for him to determine the expectations of his audience. His priority remains not to disappoint his fans!

The creator of Squid Game then looks pretty excited at the idea of ​​offering a second season to his fans. To get an idea of ​​the fans’ expectations of the series, he does not hesitate to go to YouTube. And as much to say that the lovers of the show do not lack imagination. But, one thing is sure, its creator wants above all to follow the basic plot. He hopes that it will suit as many people as possible.

Moreover, if fans of the phenomenon series are impatiently awaiting the release of season 2, they may well have a fun surprise. 


After the announcement of Squid Game season 2, Netflix is ​​trying to temper the impatience of fans. The platform is already thinking about the best plan to establish. The following episodes will indeed have to meet the many expectations and questions of fans of the series. One thing is sure, Seong Gi-hun will be present in season 2. And given the end of episode 9 of Squid Game, his daughter’s life could well be in danger.

And for a good reason, Seong Gi-hun cancels his trip to the United States to attack the terrible organization that is Squid Game. A year after his victory, he still seems obsessed with the people responsible for these games.

Indeed, he wants to come to the end of his captors. Its ultimate goal is to do justice to all the people who lost their lives in this game. The big winner of Squid Game will therefore do everything to dismantle the organization.

It is, therefore, very likely that the life of his daughter, Jo Ah-in, is in danger. Yep, the organizers may well put pressure on Seong Gi-hun by going after his little girl. Moreover, this would be the ideal way to push the big winner to give up his thirst for revenge.

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