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Snowpiercer Season 3: Official Release Date Is Here! Plot And Cast Updates

“Snowpiercer” can be seen soon with season 3 on TNT. The new episodes will be released in the US on January 24, 2022.

“Snowpiercer” finally returns to US television with new episodes. Fans of the series have two reasons to be happy. Season 4 has already been confirmed. 

Snowpiercer Season 3: Do We Have An Official Release Date?

TNT has announced the official release date of the new episodes. Season 3 of critically acclaimed ‘Snowpiercer’ will be released in the US on January 24, 2022. The episodes will likely arrive at Netflix during the same time as its premiere on TNT. 

The third season for the show was confirmed even before the release of its second season. It was then given the green light for Season 4 in July 2021. The production for Season 3 started in March 2021 and was finished in July 2021. As per the information, the episodes will be coming to Netflix internationally every Tuesday morning, parallel to its premiere on TNT every Monday in the US. 

Snowpiercer Season 3: What Is The Plot?

The second season of Snowpiercer ended with Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Ruth (Alison Wright), who were banished to the compost truck, planning to retake the Snowpiercer.

With the help of Javier (Roberto Urbina) and Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard), Layton and Ruth made it back to the train and gathered their supporters. Josie (Katie McGuiness) destroyed the aquarium car and separated Snowpiercer’s head from the remaining 1,023 vehicles.

Season 3 begins with Layton and his inner circle commanding a small “pirate train” of 10 carriages to find Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) and a possible warm place to restart civilization. Meanwhile, Mr Wilford (Sean Bean) secures power on the train and awaits Layton’s return.

Snowpiercer Season 3: Do We Have A Trailer

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer you a trailer or pictures for the new episodes. If anything changes, you can, of course, see it here.

Snowpiercer Season 3: Who Is In The Cast

It can be assumed that the main actors will be on board again in season 3. These include Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill, Daveed Diggs (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”) as Andre Layton, Mickey Sumner as Bess Till, and Sean Bean (“The Lord of the Rings”) as Mr Wilford. 

Chelsea Harris will be promoted to a series regular in Season 3 as Sykes. There is also a new addition. The actress Archie Panjabi (” Blindspot “) will be seen as Asha. However, no more detailed information is available about Panjabi’s character.

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