Siesta Key Season 6: Release Date Status, Cast , Plot and More Updates!


Developed by Mark Ford and Warren Skeels, and produced by Entertainment One Television, Siesta Key is an American reality television series. On July 31, 2017, the show aired on MTV, and there have been four seasons and 67 episodes so far. The play takes place on Sarasota Island, a barrier island off the coast of Florida. Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County is also produced by the same company.

These young adults are seen in this reality series as they deal with issues ranging from love to life to class to breakups in their bright homeland of Siesta Key on the Gulf of Mexico.

Siesta Key Season 4 Cast

The cast members of ‘Siesta Key’ season 4 are ready to bring on the commotion. A great deal has happened in the past year, and they are open and eager to welcome the majority of those changes.

The stars have matured, even if they still enjoy the occasional crazy night out. They’ve taken on more tasks and are excelling at them as they have grown in their roles.

Juliette Porter  Juliette Porter moved on from Alex Kompothecras after their romance ended in shambles. But it turned out that he wasn’t the right fit for him. She met Sam Logan, a multi-billionaire, soon after the breakup of her marriage.

Kelsey Owens  At the conclusion of Season 3, it became clear that Kelsey Owens was unable to deal with romantic relationships. A few months later, she’d moved on to Jake Peterson, and then eventually Max Strong. In any event, one can’t condemn her for what she’s done thus far.

Another Cast:-

  • Brandon Gomes

  • Chloe Trautman

  • Madison Hausburg

  • Amanda Miller

  • Garrett Miller

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Siesta Key’s Past Seasons Revisited: What Happened There?

In the film, a group of friends from Sarasota, Florida, are the focus. These well-off children hail from a variety of wealthy families. A variety of interpersonal circumstances, such as romantic relationships, betrayal, resentment, and grief, are on their minds.

There were a lot of difficulties between Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens, as well as the surprising announcement that Madison Hausburg was pregnant with her first child during the series’ reunion, according to the Herald-Tribune. Siesta Key Season 5 is anticipated to center on it.

Siesta Key Season 6 Plot

In addition to Chloe Trautman’s quick romance with her new spouse, Madison Hausburg’s efforts to organize a wedding, the end of Juliette and Sam’s relationship, and Kelsey Owen facing challenges, a few things were picked up from the teaser.

This season’s news would also include Madisson’s unexpected pregnancy announcement and the possibility of a confrontation between Juliette and Kelsey over their respective Swimsuit lines.

To see how Juliette and Sam deal on their own, how Chloe and Jordana’s friendship works, and whether Brandon is finally comfortable among everyone, we’ll have to wait until Season 5.

Like the previous seasons, there will be lots of conflicts, romance, and fresh characters, as well as a good amount of partying this year.

Siesta Key Season 4 Release Date

Fans of this show were ecstatic when a promo video for the fifth season was released last month, after a long wait. On March 10, 2022, MTV will premiere the fifth season of Siesta Key. This season’s renewal was a foregone conclusion due to the show’s strong ratings and devoted fan base, which have been in place since season 1.

Siesta Key Season 1 Release Date July 31, 2017
Siesta Key Season 2 Release Date January 22, 2019
Siesta Key Season 3 Release Date January 7, 2020
Siesta Key Season 4 Release Date May 12, 2021
Siesta Key Season 5 Release Date March 10, 2022
Siesta Key Season 6 Release Date January 14, 2023

Siesta Key Season 4 Trailer



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