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Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date – What We Know So Far!

Although the summer anime season of 2020 was an enormous hit, was one among the foremost wonderfully famous romantic comedy shows “Rental Girlfriend” supported the manga by Reiji Miyajima of Weekly Shonen Magazine. The manga itself was an enormous hit, especially in China, but the Abema Times reported that “Rental Girlfriend” was Netflix Japan’s favorite manga program. “Rental Girlfriend” is about 20-year-old Takatsuya Kino left behind by her friend Nanami Mami who decided to use a dating app that permits her girlfriend to rent.

He rents the fascinating Chizuru Suwon, but after believing that the experience is fake, he underestimates it. However, when Kazuya introduced Chizuru to her hospitalized grandmother, things changed completely. They discover that they’re neighbors. At the top of the primary season, fans wondered if there was a second season. 

At some point, show producer Daiki Kakizaki even tweeted that fans would pre-order Blu-ray and obtain enough exposure for Season 2. Fortunately, the second season of “Rental Girlfriend” has been confirmed. It’s what we’ve ever known.

What is the release date for Season 2?

Crunchyroll, which streams the series, said the second season was confirmed when the primary season led to 2020. However, there’s currently no release date set. Fortunately, when Anime News Network reported that Season 2 of “Rental Girlfriend” would be released in 2022, the window narrowed by a minimum. 

It’s possible that fans have backed the 2021 release, especially since it has been a year since the primary season. However, the Covid-19 pandemic may have delayed the series. As Nikkei Asia reported, Japanese anime studios are so confused about pandemics that it is sensible to release them in 2022. 

In the future, we will see that Season 2 reflects the summer version of the previous season. Season 2022 can follow an identical path, as RentaGirlfriend Season 1 premiered in Japan in July and premiered within the US in late August.

What is the plot of season two?

The official synopsis for “Rental Girlfriend” Season 2 has not yet been released. However, the primary season didn’t really deviate from the roots of the manga, and that I followed the primary six volumes fairly closely. And since the manga now consists of just about 190 chapters and 19 volumes, and therefore the end is unknown, there are actually tons to be drawn from the new season. 

The last episode of the primary season ended with some interesting events. Mama actually hired Chizuru, and confronted Kazuya, revealing that she knew the essence of her relationship with Kazuya. However, Chizuru denied this and said that Kazuya was really a boyfriend.

Then she asked her mom if Kazuya had ever thought it had been the true love of her life, which didn’t provoke much reaction. Kazuya later met Chizuru and admitted that she wanted to be her friend, but said he meant her as a rental friend. Season 2 allows us to further explore these developments between Kazuya, Chizuru, and Mami. And while the primary season continued to tease truth feelings of those characters, the second season gives them more opportunities to truly express their true romantic feelings.

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