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Red Notice: Dwayne Johnson Was Paid A Whopping Amount! Deets Inside

Dwayne Johnson won a bundle of money for his role in Red Notice, which was recently released on Netflix. “Red Notice” has finally been released on Netflix. As always, Dwayne Johnson was paid dearly to star in the film. 


“Red Notice” was initially to be released on big screens in 2020. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic willed it otherwise. The movie just landed on Netflix now. Yes, we will have waited for it!

But what is the story about, concretely? Well, it is simple. A Red Alert is triggered. John Hartley, an FBI agent, played by Dwayne Johnson, knows he will have to travel the world searching for the most wanted criminals.

Only, during his journey, he will have to ally himself with one of the biggest thieves of works of art. This is Nolan Booth, a bandit played by Ryan Reynolds. Their common goal is to trap Sarah Black (Gal Gadot), the biggest thief of works of art. The synopsis is far-fetched; we don’t tell you. However, with these three headliners together, “Red Notice” cannot be a success.

Whatever. Opinions on the web are very mixed. “Well, I had a great time on Red Notice. The action-adventure mix works super well, and the actor trio (although very cartoonish in their roles) is super effective and often very funny.

“Red Notice is the quintessence of Hollywood: prominent scriptwriting strings, filthy green background, over-stakes casting that boosts and references to excess. Red Notice establishes itself as a very average film, and even its headliners can’t help it. 


“Last night, I had the chance to see Red Notice in preview. The movie was way too good. The Dwayne Johnson / Ryan Reynold duo was so funny, and I didn’t expect an end like this. Wrote yet another Internet user. But it doesn’t matter whether “Red Notice” (Netflix) likes it or not. The actors still put their pockets in it. Dwayne Johnson, for example, made $23.5 million from this movie. Do you realize? It’s huge.

As for Ryan Reynolds, he made $ 20 million. Gal Gadot received the same amount. Now you are wondering why there is such a difference for the same film. First of all, you should know that Dwayne Johnson has a big reputation in the world of cinema. Everyone is tearing it off. But that’s not all.

If Dwayne Johson played John Hartley, an FBI agent, he was also a producer on “Red Notice.” It, therefore, necessarily required more time and investment. It is therefore expected that he is rewarded. And you, do you understand this difference in terms of salaries? Have you seen this new Netflix movie? If so, what did you think?

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