Rachel Maddow Net Worth 2022: The Real Flex of His/her Income

rachel maddow net worth

Rachel Maddow, the breakout rating star on MSNBC, just landed an extraordinarily lucrative new contract with NBCUniversal. As initially reported by the Daily Beast, Rachel’s compensation has been hiked from $7 million to an incredible $30 million each year.

Counterintuitively, the big new contract really qualifies her for a LIGHTER workload. Maddow was apparently fielding offers from various other media organizations like Disney and Warner who were eager to lure her from her current MSNBC digs.

Maddow was originally believed to be considering splitting off from her longstanding home at MSNBC to create her own enterprise. If that was a negotiation strategy, it was really brilliant. NBC evidently threw out all the stops to keep her on board at least through the 2024 presidential election.

Early Life

She was born in Castro Valley, California in April of 1973 to Robert and Elaine Maddow. As an ex-air force captain turned lawyer, her father represents the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). Her mother, on the other hand, worked as a program administrator in a school.

rachel maddow net worth

David, Maddow’s older brother, is the only sibling she has. Dutch, Canadian, English, and Irish ancestry can be traced to her. In addition, her paternal grandfather was a member of a Russian-Jewish family that fled to the United States.

Before going to Stanford, the TV personality attended Castro Valley High School in her hometown. A public policy degree was Maddow’s graduation certificate in 1994.

She was outed as a lesbian by a campus newspaper when they released an interview with her in which she revealed her sexual orientation. Before she had a chance to notify her parents, the paper ran the story.

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Rachel Maddow began her career as a talk show host while she was in college. WRNX, a radio station in Massachusetts, hired her as a co-host of “The Dave in the Morning Show” in her first position.

After that, she went on to anchor Big Breakfast on a Massachusetts-based station. Chuck D of Public Enemy and Lizz Winstead of The Daily Show were among the guests on Unfiltered, a morning show she hosted.

rachel maddow net worth

Maddow was awarded her own radio show The Rachel Maddow Show after the cancellation of Unfiltered in 2005. Even after Maddow transitioned from radio to television, this show aired until 2010.

Rachel Maddow began appearing on Tucker Carlson’s MSNBC show in 2005. As a guest on CNN’s Paula Zahn Now in 2006, she became a household name.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Race for the White House on MSNBC gave her a big break in 2008; she began appearing regularly on the show. When Keith Obermann was unable to host the entire part on the latter episode, she was able to step in.

When Obermann returned to work, he permitted her to continue presenting some programs because of her popularity with the audience. Afterward, Obermann urged MSNBC to give Maddow her own show of her own.

Rachel Maddow will host a new show on MSNBC later this year called “The Rachel Maddow Show.” One of the channel’s most popular shows was born out of the success of the show right away.

MSNBC’s flagship show, Maddow’s “winning formula,” was praised by critics for many years. MSNBC outperformed CNN and Fox News in 2017 in terms of viewership. One reason for this was the growing level of controversy around Trump’s inauguration.

Personal Life

Susan Mikula, Rachel Maddow’s current girlfriend, was introduced to her in 1999. Mikula is a photographer that uses vintage equipment like pinhole cameras and polaroids in her work. The pair splits their time between West Cummington, Massachusetts, and New York City.

Maddow is prone to bouts of despair that come and go. Despite her initial reluctance, she ultimately began discussing her problems in interviews.

rachel maddow net worth

Providing counsel and serving as a role model, she said she wanted to help those who were depressed. When Rachel Maddow is depressed, she makes sure she exercises regularly, gets enough sleep, and enjoys a passion like fishing as a way to cope.

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Net Worth

TV Guide said that Maddow earned $7 million a year in 2013. Her pay has very certainly increased since then. Maddow’s new contract has not yet been made public, but it is safe to presume that it is far higher than the income she received in 2013.

He has a net worth of $25 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Maddow is the author of two tomes. 2012 saw the publication of “Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power.” Blowout: Corrupt Democracy, Rogue Russia and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth’ was released in 2019 by the author

She has various properties in Western Massachusetts, among them a pre-Civil War farmhouse. She purchased a New York City apartment from REM lead singer Michael Stipe in 2010 for $1.25 million. In February 2021, the property was sold for a second time, this time for $2.25 million.

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