Queer Eye Season 6: Everything You Must Know.

Queer Eye Season 6

The reality series Queer Eye returns to streaming service with season 6. Now Netflix has released a first trailer that reveals the start date of the new episodes. It is a massive success for the streaming service Netflix. Therefore, the series also returns with Season 6. A trailer has just appeared that reveals the start date.

Queer Eye Season 6 Release Date

Queer Eye Season 6 finally has a start date. After a long delay due to the corona pandemic, the new episodes will appear in 2021, more precisely on December 31st.

The first trailer for season 6 was released in November 2021. He reveals the start date of the new episodes. We don’t hear about the new candidates in the attacks yet, because the trailer only shows the Fab Five doing line dancing and their version of bull riding. See for yourself.

In season 6 of Queer Eye, the Fab Five end up in Texas, specifically in Austin. So instead of treating individual fates in Philadelphia as in season 5, the five experts are drawn to the desert (or at least to the edge of it) this season.

Queer Eye: Season 6 Filming and Production.

Filming in Austin had already started in 2020 when an unexpected crisis halted production. Because of the corona pandemic, “Queer Eye” production had to pause. Bobby Berk, one of the Fab Five, announced in an interview with Oprah Magazine that they had been shooting six days before the crisis caught up with them.


One thing is sure: in season 6, too, the Fab Five will consist of Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France. The experts for fashion, charisma, design, food, and care give the series its face and are, of course, also part of the new season.

Queer Eye: Production and Cast.

The Netflix series “Queer Eye” is a remake of a television program of the same name that ran on US broadcaster Bravo around 15 years ago. However, the new edition at Netflix places even more emphasis on personal stories and sensitive and modern storytelling. Candidates are deliberately referred to as Heroes by the Fab Five to appreciate their efforts. Atlanta, Kansas City, and Philadelphia were chosen as locations, and the Fab Five even traveled to Tokyo for an excursion.

The Fab Five for the series was selected in a unique casting to accompany all aspects of the transformation. Antoni Porowski is there as an expert in nutrition and enjoyment, as fashion guru Tan France, as lifestyle coach Karamo Brown, as interior designer Bobby Berk and finally as an expert in body care, language, hairstyle, and charisma Jonathan van Ness.


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