Power Rangers: Is Netflix Developing A Secret Project?

Power Rangers Netflix

The shock on the Web. The Netflix streaming platform is planning a surprising and colossal project on the Power Rangers? New rumors are spreading on the Web! Is Netflix planning a significant Power Rangers project? 


It’s no longer a secret! Netflix is ​​preparing a very, very big surprise for us. Indeed, for more than a year, rumors have been running on the Web! The stories in question? A universe dedicated to Power Rangers was planned for Netflix and directed by director Jonathan Entwistle.

Since then, radio silence. The good news? Today we got our first glimpse of what this universe is, and it promises to be bigger than any fan could have imagined. Unsurprisingly, things have come a long way since last year. The fans are therefore delighted.

In an interview with Deadline, Global Television president Michael Lombardo discussed the company’s plans for upcoming productions, including the new Power Rangers universe. Michael Lombardo, therefore, confides that the “new universe will be a global approach. It’s not just a show, there are also shows followed by films and children’s programs.”

This thus confirms a large part of the rumors that were circulating. The best, suitable?

Indeed, we will soon be able to discover shows, a film, and series for children. But that’s not all. It could also be that Netflix plans not one but several movies and a “new animated series.” What good news, then.


So you will have understood it. Four years after releasing the last film, “Power Rangers,” in theaters, Netflix is ​​betting very big and wants to relaunch the franchise universe with movies and series. As usual, Netflix also sees things in a big way. “We have a significant project in mind. Says Michael Lombardo, president of eOne.

He then explains, “This does not just work, but a proposal followed by films and programs for children. We found a great writing collaborator, they got down to work. Knock on wood, Netflix can’t wait, so we too hope to have more news very soon.”

Concretely? This would mean that several series and films will emerge around the Power Rangers franchise.

However, we do not yet know whether they will be adolescents or adults. Some fans on Reddit still think, “Netflix is ​​going to try to create a universe of Power Rangers shows similar to the CW Arrowverse series. There are over 20 different seasons and teams of Power Rangers to draw inspiration from and a rich universe to pull off different show ideas. “

On television, the Power Rangers franchise has never really been dethroned. And for a good reason…

Did you know that in February 2021, the franchise celebrated its 28th season? Launched in 1993, it’s not anything. In the cinema, films also meet with crazy successes, and colossal budgets are spent. In 2017, a budget of 105 million dollars was spent on the reboot.

For the moment, no release date for this new project has been announced by Netflix. To be continued


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