Phoozy Net Worth 2022: Income of This Famous Celebrity This Year!

Phoozy Net Worth

Phoozy is a phone case fashioned from NASA spacesuit material. It shields your phone from dangerous UV radiation and temperature extremes using thermal material.

It protects your phone from overheating in the sun and keeps it warm when the temperature drops to minus zero.

Phoozy’s other benefits include drop resistance. In the event that your phone falls into a body of water, the case provides floatation protection.

A wide range of mobile phone cases is available from this brand for both Android and Apple devices.

Net Worth

phoozy net worth

Kevin Conway, the company’s creator, and Josh Inglis, its co-founder, both come from separate fields of expertise. Professional race car driver Kevin is joined by internet marketing guru Josh.

Phooey was founded in 2017 by Don and his partner as a phone case start-up. Phoozy’s estimated 2021 net worth is $1.3 million. Numerous customers have been delighted by this startup’s original concept and are now purchasing the merchandise.

No one has ever had an issue with the Phoozy phone case, unlike the majority of other phone cases on the market. There is a high probability that a phone or laptop will break if it falls from their hands.

This case is Climate Proof, Sink Proof, Preserves Batter, Drop Proof & Anti Microbial, therefore it will help with all of these issues.

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Where Is Shark Tank’s NASCAR Driver Now?

Kevin Conway, a former professional stock car racer turned entrepreneur from the United States, is now competing in the Blancpain Super Trofeo Series.

It was stated in an interview that the racing driver’s long-term goals include continuing to race in the GT4 America Series while also maintaining PHOOZY in the Charlotte area.

NASCAR driver Kevin Conway and his best friend Josh Inglis entered the Shark Tank in Season 12 of the reality show.
There were no sales of their products during the covid epidemic. As a result, PHOOZY reapplied in 2020 and was accepted, launching a program to make goods for hospitals and first responders in Charlotte and across the country, providing almost $30,000 in goods.

His company introduced an anti-microbial product line to the general public in 2021, and it quickly became a best seller.


phoozy net worth

Protective covers are available in a variety of colors and styles on the company’s website. As an added bonus, laptop and tablet coverings are available from this retailer as well.

Your thoughts on the cover art for the song “Phoozy” Is that something you’d ever purchase? Let us know what you think about the space provided here.

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