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One Piece Episode 1000 – Which character do the fans want to see again?

The popular anime adventure series “One Piece” celebrated its 22nd anniversary in October, when Monkey D. Luffy and therefore the boater Pirates have long sailed the high seas. The series will release 1,000 episodes on Saturday, November 20th (November 21st, counting on where you reside, via Dual Shocker), promising the long-awaited encounter between Luffy and Kaido when the Wano Country Arc is over. It’s certain that such a milestone means the episode features a lot of surprises for the fans who stick with it from the start.

It’s no wonder that Straw Hats continued to look for title tracks around the world and met many unique characters during their journey. Friends, enemies, villains, and heroes-you have encountered all kinds of characters you’ll consider in their quest. Many characters have teamed up with Luffy to remain within the remainder of the series, but there are many others that have almost disappeared from the anime.

Fans are wondering for years that a number of these beloved characters will reappear within the series. And within the way things are unfolding within the current arc, there’s no better time to try to do it than it’s now. No such character has existed within the series since episode 193 (via IMDb), but his presence depends (in the truest sense) on our character.

It’s about time to bring back Enel, God of Skypeia

Formerly referred to as the god of Skypia, Enel is that the despot of Skypeia. Thus, he not only served as Skypia Ark’s main adversary but also because of the entire Sky Island story (according to the fandom page “One Piece”). Together with his power, he can control and remind lightning bolts while fighting enemies, and even transform them into lightning bolts, so he’s one among the foremost dangerous villains the boater has ever encountered. At the top of Skypeia Ark (via fandom), Enel meets Luffy. Luffy’s rubber body is, of course, unaffected by all his attacks. After their battle, Enel was finally defeated and defeated because of the ruler of Skypeia.

He is not dead. Instead, he escapes on an enormous airship and flies to choose the moon. He was successful and has been the ruler of the moon ever since. Enel seems to possess been expecting time on the moon after following the arc of Skypeia. When he returns, it’ll be fun to find out everything about his adventures under the celebs. Fans who want to ascertain Enel come, especially as it is often hanging above our character because the series approaches what might be the most important war within the history of the series. you’ll fulfill their wishes.

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