Mythic Quest Season 3 Confirmed: Everything You Need To Know

Mythic Quest Season 3

Do you believe Pootie Shoe will offer Mythic Quest Season 2 as many buttholes as you think he will? I’d give it a five-star rating.

The second season of Mythic Quest, one of the most underestimated streaming comedies, has come to an end on Apple TV+. Many questions remain unanswered concerning what will happen to Ian, Poppy, and the rest of the busy staff at Mythic Quest HQ now that the creators have logged off (for the time being). However, will Mythic Quest be renewed for a third season?

Everything we’ve learned so far is here. Become a regular visitor by bookmarking this page. When more details, such as the show’s cast and premiere date, become available, we’ll post them here.

Mythic Quest Season 3 Is Confirmed?

The existence of the third season of Mythic Quest has yet to be verified as of the 28th of June 2021. Importantly, the show has not been formally canceled or put on hold. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator and performer Rob McElhenney tells Collider that he’s not currently working on a third season because of his commitments to the sixteenth season.

“McElhenney stated:

“I learned from years and years of like, when you’re acting, you show up at a certain time and then when you’re done, you leave. But the problem is with writing is that you’re never free from it. It’s always in your head when you’re walking around, when you go to the grocery store, you’re walking the dogs. It’s always there, unless you can compartmentalize and stop those thoughts. So I learned a very long time ago, which is I do not start thinking about whatever I’m working on until the first day of the writer’s room.”

In other words, don’t expect more Mythic Quest from McElhenney. Before pursuing further, he needs to complete up some of his current responsibilities.

When Will Mythic Quest Season 3 Land On Apple Tv+?

The third season of Mythic Quest has yet to have a launch date established. It’s anyone’s guess when or if the show will return, as McElhenney himself has no idea when he will break the story. McElhenney’s It’s Always Sunny Season 15 premieres in the fall of 2021, keeping him busy.

A third Mythic Quest season is likely to premiere in late 2022 to early 2023 if it isn’t planned or in pre-production by the end of the year, according to reality.

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Mythic Quest Season 3 Trailer

A new Mythic Quest Season 3 trailer has not been released.

The Cast Of Mythic Quest Season 3 Has Yet To Be Announced

Even though the cast for the third season of Mythic Quest has yet to be confirmed, it is reasonable to assume that the majority of the show’s stars will be back.

Mythic Quest Season 2 Ended With What?


To put it mildly, “TBD” marked an important turning point in Mythic Quest Season 2. Ian Grimm (McElhenney), the game’s creative director, and Poppy Li (Li), the game’s principal engineer/co-creative director, both left MQ HQ (Charlotte Nicdao).

Ian and Poppy’s esteem for one other has grown to the point where they see each other as equals. When they decided to leave Mythic Quest, the fictional MMO in which this story is based, to establish their own game, this arc came to an end. Both Poppy and Ian begin jotting down ideas for their new game on a restaurant napkin at the end of the Season 2 finale.

Because David (David Hornsby) is now running Mythic Quest, their departure leaves him in charge. It’s clear that David has no background in either creative direction or programming, so how he manages the game is going to be… interesting to say the least.

But Mythic Quest’s universe wasn’t the only one affected by these developments. An executive at the studio, Brad Bakshi (Danny Pudi), was arrested for a crime committed by his assistant, Jo (Jessie Ennis). He did this to gain “street cred” as a well-connected businessman.

They also commit to a long-distance relationship, with Rachel going to Berkeley to study creative writing and Dana pursuing game programming, with the studio footing the bill for both of their educations. Both Poppy and Ian approved of Dana’s demo since they sensed an ounce of potential in it. Will MQ HQ be able to fulfil its promise to Dana now that Poppy and Ian are gone?

C.W. Longbottom (F. Murray Abraham) has a backstory, too!

“Backstory!” from Season 2 was a standout episode. C.W. concludes Season 2 with a clean slate and free options as to where he can go next after settling his long-standing feud with Peter (played by William Hurt).

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Season 3 Of Mythic Quest Has What?

Season 3 of Mythic Quest is almost certainly going to continue where Season 2 ended. It is possible that Ian and Poppy will set out on their own to create a rival to Mythic Quest while surrendering to their egos and pride.

Nicdao even teased this story in an interview with Forbes, saying:

“In Season 1, Ian’s the boss [and] Poppy is kind of his underling. And then [in] Season 2, they have this equal power. And then [in] Season 3, we’re going into this new space, hopefully, where Poppy has got a lot of power. It’s her idea. And I’m personally interested to see what she does with that and what it does the dynamic between the two of them.”

“As much as they’d like to think that there’s gonna be a new and fresh start,” adds David Hornsby, “I think on our show we want to push the ball forward and see, ‘Yeah, let’s put them into some new territory.’ Just like we’re doing this season with new pairings. But at the end of the day, they’re still who they are and so, I think we’ll some new paired with some old.”

For his part, McElhenney told Collider he believes he’s blown the show up:

“The number one thing you don’t want to do at the end of a successful season of television is blow the show up. And so we thought, well, then I guess we’re going to have to blow the show up. If we want to keep trying to stretch and keep trying to do something new and fresh, then we have to actually take massive risks. And the biggest risk that we could find there at the end, was to essentially end the show as we know it and see where it takes us.”



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