Master of None Season 4: Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

Summertime Season 3

It was May 23, 2021, when Master of None Season 3 aired on Netflix. Lena Waithe and Naomi Ackie portrayed two New York women in the third part, which focused on their love, professional, and personal lives.

Master of None, a Netflix original series, was a huge hit with viewers and critics alike when it premiered. On various year-end lists, it has been nominated for numerous prizes, including three Emmy Awards.

In large part, the series’ success can be attributed to its engrossing narrative. Why would the creators decide to end the series after the third season when everything is going so well?

Despite the fact that the third season of Master of None was announced to be the final season, many fans are still eagerly awaiting Season 4. Some fans, though, still believe that the show’s creators will return with a fourth installment.

Master of None Season 4 Release Date

They hoped for a fourth season of Master of None since they believe the show might continue after Season 3.

Although Denise’s mother, who was always there for Alicia, has passed away, both Alicia and Denise are now married and have children of their own in Season 3 of Master of None.

In upstate New York, they rent out their old house and talk about Denise’s new office job, Alicia’s new antique business, and their love for their own children. After a pleasant evening together, the two discover that they are still a good match. The narrative concludes with Denise gazing thoughtfully at the ancient house from the outside.

Denise would be the focus of any potential Master of None Season 4 storylines. The story of Dev Shah is told in the first two seasons (played by Aziz Ansari). It’s the end of Season 3 and Dev and Reshmi have moved back home with their parents after a nasty dispute.

Dev’s narrative may possibly be featured in Season 4. Since Dev has been the focus of the story thus far, it would be difficult to develop a story without his considerable involvement. It’s possible that the creators might invent a brand-new love narrative.

Master of None Season 4 Really Coming Or Not?

In a previous episode, Lena Waithe (who plays Dev’s buddy Denise) hinted that the two may return to Master of None at any point and that even their advancing years wouldn’t prevent them from doing so.

As Waithe explains to Entertainment Weekly: “But that’s why we wanted to create it because you never know where your life might be five years or ten years later.”

Bustle reports that if Master of None returns for a fourth season, the focus could shift back to Alan Yang’s writing and Kelvin Yu’s character Brian. “I’d prefer not to put an end to [Master of None] at this point in time.

I’d rather make one at some time in my life rather than purchase one. I’m not sure when it will be, maybe in a few years. My ideal situation would be to continue making films since I enjoy working with a great team of individuals as well as the entire production process “Yang” remarked in 2017, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A member of the show’s creative team, Alan Yang, told the Hollywood Reporter that “[Master of None] should not stop here. At some time in the future, I’d prefer to make one of my own. I don’t know when it will be, whether it’s in a few years or a few decades. In an ideal world, I’d like to produce more because I enjoy working with the team and the overall process.”

The fourth season of Master of None has not yet been commissioned. Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s future involvement in the series is still up in the air. Netflix series news is always up to date on Devdiscourse.

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Final Words

Master of None, a Netflix original series, immediately became a fan favorite when it initially premiered because of how well it handled issues of race, sexuality, and relationships.

No wonder the show was awarded multiple accolades, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in its two seasons, as it soon became popular and garnered a lot of praise for its riveting stories.

Master of None: Moments in Love, the third season of the Netflix series, launched yesterday and is currently sitting at an impressive 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show’s production appears to be going well, so is the fourth season on the way, or should fans prepare to say their goodbyes?

There will be no fourth season of Master of None, as the third season was declared to be the series’ final season.


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