Snowpiercer Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer – Everything We Know So Far!

snowpiercer season 3

The train is departing the station once again — with the third season of Snowpiercer getting under way on Netflix today.

The apocalyptic sci-fi series – which is based on both the Bong Joon-ho film of the same name and the graphic book Le Transperceneige – returns to our screens for an exciting new season, once again debuting on Netflix for UK fans the day following the US premiere.

And if you want to get a sample of the new run before diving in, a teaser has been published for the season that provides a glance at new character Asha, portrayed by The Fall’s Archie Panjabi, who seems to have been able to live despite living off the railway.

The clip, which was released earlier in January 2022, also shows a great deal of tension aboard the train following the dramatic events of the season 2 finale, while key characters Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Wilford (Sean Bean) both appear prominently – as well as an intriguing appearance from Melanie (Jennifer Connolly).

As for Snowpiercer, it seems like the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series will continue for at least another season after the third season has already aired. In fact, the series has already been renewed for a fourth season before the third season has even begun airing.

The announcement was made in a video taken on the set of the show’s Vancouver season last year, in which actor Daveed Diggs also revealed that work on the third season has officially concluded.

In his words, “there are just a few of us left since we are about to end production on the epic season 3 of Snowpiercer, which will be airing shortly on TNT and we cannot wait for you to watch it, but wait – there’s more.”

“We have some exciting news. We’re announcing to you right now that we’ve been given the green light to return for season 4. And here is just a little word to express our gratitude to you, our devoted fans, for making this possible. Without you, none of this would have been possible. And if you enjoyed seasons 1 and 2, there’s no reason to believe you won’t like seasons 3 and 4, which are only going to become larger and more Snowpiercer-like.”

Which leads us to the question of what “Snowpiercer-ier” shocks viewers might expect in season 3. Since the introduction of Sean Bean as a scenery-chewing villain in season 2, the show has been on an upward trend, and viewers were left with a cliffhanger at the conclusion of the previous season.

Release Date Of Snowpiercer Season 3

The good news is that Snowpiercer season 3 premiered on TNT in the United States on Monday, January 24th, and the first episode of the series premiered on Netflix in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, January 25th. For the following several weeks, new episodes will be published on a weekly basis.

snowpiercer season 3

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Cast Of Snowpiercer Season 3

Season 3 features a number of familiar faces. Jennifer Connolly, despite the fact that her character Melanie seems to have been killed off at the conclusion of the second season, will be returning to the show.

When questioned about Melanie’s whereabouts in a recent interview with TVLine, executive producer Becky Clements provided conflicting answers, claiming, “I don’t know whether she is alive,” but also admitting that “we are happy that Jennifer will join us for season 3.” As a result, possibly her involvement in the next season will be restricted to flashbacks.

Alison Wright, Rowan Blanchard, Lena Hall, Mickey Sumner, Sam Otter, Annalise Basso, and Steven Ogg are among the series regulars who will return. Daveed Diggs will reprise his role as Layton, while Sean Bean will reprise his role as Mr. Wilford.

We’ll also meet a big new character, with Archie Panjabi, who previously appeared on The Fall and The Good Wife, joining the cast as Asha – a survivor who was thrown from the train. Clements has also hinted that “a handful of lesser characters” will appear on the program as well. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we get further information on this front.

Plot Of Snowpiercer Season 3

Prior to the premiere of the series, executive producer Becky Clements shared a few insights about what we may anticipate in the next season, now that the two trains have been separated from one another.

When asked whether the series would be similar to a train chase between the two trains, Clements said, “It will be.” “Even if there will be some chasing, it will not be throughout the whole season. There are a plethora of tales taking place right now. Among the many concerns are: survival, Melanie’s fate (and what happened to her), on-train study, and the ultimate aim….”

In a separate interview with Deadline, Clements revealed that the next season will see all of the characters “trying to find their place in their new world,” and that there will be a time jump to show “what the new world order looks like.” She also confirmed that there will be a time jump to show “what the new world order looks like.”

She went on to say: “Season 3 is a lot of fun since we have new coalitions and new adversaries to contend with. It’s been fun to see the scene come together and bring new individuals together.”

And she stated that we would discover more about Josie (Katie McGuinness) and her abilities in season 3, something that was hinted at in season 2 of the series.

The human augmentation she described was “sort of our exciting, intriguing, sci-fi genre element of human enhancement.” “In the realm of CRISPR, how far can we and should we go is a question of perspective. You know what happens when we start tampering with the creator, don’t you? As a result, sure. There’s also some exciting things coming up in the near future.”

While speaking with the New York Times, Sean Bean also mentioned the new alliances and how Wilford’s rule would be affected by having to work together with Layton when the trains are reunited after the war.

“Perhaps we’ll be able to view him in a more rational perspective in the future. When he needs to haggle with others, agree with some of their requests, and attempt to be diplomatic, he must be prepared to use his negotiation skills “Bean expressed himself.

“This may give the appearance to the audience that Wilford is giving up, but there is always an underlying motivation – nothing is ever as easy as it seems. That demonstrates how shrewd he is and how adept he is at concocting schemes.”

Given that the globe is growing warmer in season 2, we fully anticipate that the climate change message will be expounded upon in season 3 – particularly given that Melanie seems to have died while collecting data on the increasing temperatures in season 2. Is it possible that mankind will be able to leave Wilford in the near future now that a time leap has been confirmed?

We’ll update this page as soon as new plot details become available, so be sure to check back often for the most up-to-date information. Don’t turn to Bong Joon-cult ho’s 2013 film for inspiration, since the show has already diverged significantly from the film that served as inspiration for it.

End Lines

The train is wrecked, and everyone on board, with the exception of Yona and Tim, perishes in the explosion. When they go outdoors, they discover that the ground is not solid ice, but rather loose snow. It seems that Namgoong was correct, and the white soil is finally beginning to thaw. The film Snowpiercer comes to a close with Yona and Tim gazing at a polar bear from a distance.

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