Manifest Season 5: Are We Getting It or Not? Know Here!

Manifest Season 5

When the 191 passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 landed in New York City in 2013, they learn that it has been five and a half years since their flight left Jamaica and that everyone on board was considered dead. Manifest follows these 191 people.

The fourth season of Jeff Rake’s series Manifest, which premiered on NBC on September 24th, 2018, was announced to be canceled by the network in June 2021, and there would be no further installments.

Josh Dallas plays Ben Stone, Melissa Roxburgh plays his sister Michaela Stone, Athena Karkanis plays Ben’s wife Grace, and J R Ramirez plays detective Jared Vasquez in the supernatural drama.

Passengers aboard Montego Air Flight 828 began to report weird happenings, including visions and health changes that couldn’t be explained as the story unfolded on the small screen.

NBC abruptly announced the cancellation of the drama series after only three seasons, despite the fact that season three ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers angry and bewildered about the many unsolved mysteries.

Why Was Manifest Canceled by NBC?

Manifest Season 5

Manifest had decent ratings when it premiered, but they slowly decreased over the course of the show’s run. Production costs may have played a role as well; shows that are costly to create but receive low ratings are less likely to be renewed.

Lockdowns and Covid-safe restrictions have slowed or halted the creation of television series as a result of Covid.

For those who were left heartbroken by the show’s abrupt and premature end at the end of season three, Jeff Rake took to Twitter to express his sentiments. “My beloved Manifesters, I am heartbroken by NBC’s decision to cancel us,” he wrote in a tweet.

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The fact that we were forced to shut down in the middle of a project is a devastating blow. I’m looking for a new place to live. For you, the fans, there should be a conclusion to the story.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the kindness you have shown to both the cast and staff members. #SaveManifest.” There’s much more to come in this tale. Seasons one and two were added to Netflix before the end of season three, where they quickly rose to the top of the streaming service in the United States.

Fans hoped Netflix would preserve the drama like it saved You and Lucifer, but Netflix did not renew the series. Actor Josh Dallas tweeted, “Well, my #manifesters… I’m sorry to announce that it’s the end of the line for now.

Thank you for your support.” Over the course of three seasons, we’ve had the privilege of telling this tale to our fans. We regret not being able to accompany you until the end of the voyage. “However, it wasn’t meant to be.”

It’s time for Season 4!

Manifest Season 5

Netflix unexpectedly announced that Manifest had been renewed for a fourth and final season just two months after it premiered on the streaming service and had already surpassed all previous streaming rating records.

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There is something ironic about the series’ death and rebirth because that’s the show’s plot itself,” creator Jeff Rake said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Manifest’s final season will feature 20 episodes, more than double the usual number, and the majority of the cast is likely to return.

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