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Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions Season 3: When can we expect the comeback?

Speculation about when “Love, Chunibyo, and I will fall in love” will return in the third season, or when it will return, has been boiling for a while. It’s been almost 10 years since the first season of the romantic comedy anime created a sensation in 2012. Since then, I’ve seen better antiques and feature films from the second season’s leading actors Yuta and Ricca, but fans want more again. 

The story follows the strange romance of an up-and-coming couple  as they live their lives as “Chuunibyo.” The term refers to a dreamer in which the fantasy of supernatural forces causes suffering in everyday life until it is considered a serious delusional state. These Walter Mitty characters, sometimes referred to as the “8th Syndrome,” cling to childish fantasies in predicament long after they were supposed to grow according to social expectations. 

There are few possible third season details without official confirmation from Kyoto Studios. Are fans’ hopes as deceptive as their beloved characters? This is all we know so far.

Tentative release date!

Internet rumors have long been widespread that new season news may come before 2021 comes out. In 2020, The Cinemaholic questioned whether Season 3 was included on the card, but more than a year later, the rumored factory is still spinning elsewhere online, so fans’ expectations are high. It hasn’t been shattered yet. 

A one-off special followed in June 2013 shortly after the first season of 2012, but the actual Season 2 wasn’t on the market until 2014. The second season ended in March of the same year, and fans had to wait an intolerable four years before the release of the 2018 feature-length sequel, Love, Chunibyo: Take On Me. 

“Take On Me” earned a 78% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The excitement of such fans could justify the third season. Perhaps this will tempt Kyoto Studios to quench the thirst for “Chuunibyo” fans-but not until the end of 2021, as there is no official yet and the precedent has been waiting for the movie for four years. prize.

Plausible Plot

The popular anime is based on the light novel series of the same name drawn by Non-Osaka and written by Tora Tora. Despite its success, “Love, Falling in Love with Chunibyo” is the only work of the author to date. 

These fascinating fantasy possibilities and the battle between the protagonist Yuta Togashi and his full-fledged romance of Chunibyo, Ricca Takanashi, are certainly there. The 2018 movie seemed to have many open endings, but as anyone who fell in love (or fell in love with) knows, the possibilities for conflict and complexity are endless. is. teeth. Add the charm of the show to the fusion of fantasy and reality. Beyond the finale of the movie, it’s not hard to imagine that the creative team could come up with a few more stories. Perhaps we could hear more from the supporting cast, where the story wasn’t clearly written or tied properly.

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