Who Is Lord Featherington Season 2 In The Brigerton Season 2?

Lord Featherington Season 2
Lord Featherington Season 2

It was a tragic finish to season one of Bridgerton for the Featherington women when their husband and father Lord Archibald Featherington (Ben Miller) was slain by bookies for trying to swing a boxing contest, which he had bet the family home’s deeds on.

Violet, the housekeeper, revealed to Lady Portia Featherington (Polly Walker), who was devastated, “Who will inherit the house?” “It is someone well-known to us,” Violet explained. How can we know who it is, then? In the second season of Bridgerton, we learn who Lord Featherington is. It’s not the same Lord Featherington who pretended to be dead to get away from the scary loan sharks. Confused? Yes, that’s correct. Let’s take a closer look…

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Who Is The Lord Featherington Season 2?

The Featheringtons are at their lowest ebb, enlisting the help of Mrs. Varley to flog household items, such as candlesticks. The Finch family intends for their daughter Philippa to marry Finch, but they’re broke as Oliver Twist and unable to pay the substantial dowry. The new Lord Featherington steps in at this point.

As it turns out, his father (perhaps a sibling of the Old Glory Lord Featherington) not only inherited the enormous Featherington mansion but he’s also fallen on hard times financially. To avoid confusion, the deeds have been transferred to the new Lord Featherington—but he requests that his cousins refer to him as “Cousin Jack,” and he settles in right immediately at the family house after requesting to be referred to as “Cousin Jack” by his cousins. Lady Featherington’s bedroom, the morning room, and the corridor are transformed into a gaming hall by him in a matter of minutes.

Still, at least he’s taken care of the financial concerns of the Featheringtons. Asked if he had paid Finch’s dowry while working in the United States, the man responds: “Yes, I have.” Hurrah! Philippa will no longer be a senile old maid! The good life is once again within reach!

Jack’s father, on the other hand, is not “old” or “ugly,” but the ladies can’t help but notice. And most importantly, he is unmarried. Featherington’s ladyship cries out in the next crisis, “What if he locates and marries a lady from the Ton, moves her into the house, and evicts all of us?”

When Jack starts showering gifts on some of the city’s would-be diamond debutantes, it just confirms her fears. To remedy this, she does what any self-respecting Lady would do: she devises a complex plan to arrange for one of her daughters to marry a relative. Out loud, she schemingly says, “If it’s good enough for the Royal Family…” Yikes! What more is there for her long-suffering daughters to endure?

The new Lord Featherington actor has yet to be named.

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Lord Featherington Is Now Played By Rupert Young, A British Actor

As Sir Leon in the fantasy series Merlin, Young is a 43-year-old actor from London.

  • Aside from Doc Martin and Shameless, he’s also appeared in The Bisexual and Shameless 2. He also appeared in the film People Just Do Nothing, so keep an eye out for him.
  • Cousin Jack is a new character created exclusively for the upcoming television series, and he does not appear in any of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels. Speculation is rife as to what will happen next.
  • Season 2 of Bridgerton, starring Rupert Young as Lord Featherington, is now available on Netflix.


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