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Kristen Stewart And Dylan Meyer Are Engaged! Here Are Complete Details

“Twilight” star Kirsten Stewart revealed in an interview on the Howard Stern Show that she and her friend Dylan Meyer have now engaged.

While the engagement was excellent for the two of them, fans are now naturally wondering: What about Robert Pattinson? Will the “Twilight” colleague and ex-boyfriend also be present at the wedding? Does he even want that? We’ll take a closer look at it.

“She Did It Perfectly”

Stewart made no secret of the fact that she could imagine a wedding with her friend Meyer for a long time. She even had plans for her application in 2019. “I have a few ideas that would be really, really cool,” she revealed on the Howard Stern Show at the time. But in the end, Meyer did the “question of all questions” for her after all and Stewart didn’t seem to have had a problem with it because she was now the one who wanted to get the application. 

She seemed to have passed on her clear ideas to her friend quite skillfully. “I think I made it very clear what I should and she did it perfectly. We’re going to get married, it’s going to happen.” While many grant her the love for Meyer, some fans are now indeed a little disappointed because the hope that there could be something between her and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson has probably been resolved.

What Does Pattinson Think Of The Engagement?

Since the engagement is just getting started, it is unknown how Pattinson reacted to the news – he may have already congratulated his ex-girlfriend. After all, the two are still in good contact and should even write messages now and then, as revealed by an inside source. Although the relationship between the two fell apart ugly at the time, at the end of the day, 

Pattinson was her “first great love”, as she revealed in an interview. At that time, she could even have imagined a wedding with him, even if, according to her statement, the two had not spoken about it at the time. 

We can imagine that Pattinson is very happy for his “Twilight” colleague and ex-girlfriend. After all, he is currently also in a happy relationship with Suki Waterhouse. So it turned out right for both of them in the end, and they seemed to have found their happiness.

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