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Knowing Ending Explained: All Questions Answered

While the 2009 sci-fi thriller’s final shock will live long in the memory, it also leaves some unanswered issues. Here’s a closer look at the significance of that finale.
Here are the solutions to some of the most pressing questions raised by 2009’s Knowing. When an MIT professor and astrophysicist, John Koestler (Nicolas Cage), gets his hands on a sheet of paper covered in numbers that predict various tragedies and natural disasters, he sets out to stop the remaining events on the list. Despite John’s best efforts, he is unable to prevent the last event from occurring, which would wipe out all human life on the planet. To save his son from the terrible solar flare, he hands him over to mysterious extraterrestrial figures and sends him out into the universe.

Koestler (Chandler Canterbury) and his son Caleb (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are attempting to save humanity from its impending doom in the third act of the sci-fi thriller Knowing. Abruptly revealed to be aliens, the ominous individuals (or “Whisper People”) that appear to be pursuing Caleb throughout the movie are also the ones who orchestrate Koestler’s journey to the aliens’ final destination. The twist sees John’s death on Earth, while Caleb and Abby (Lara Robinson) are transported to live among the stars with the aliens, who appear to be good people.

There are a few clues scattered throughout the film that provide context for Knowing’s ending, but they come as a bit of a surprise. Throughout spite of his reputation for crafting harsh films, Nic Cage has a number of subtle references in his work. Following a few rewatches and some extrapolation, here are the solutions to the most pressing concerns raised by the conclusion of Knowing.

Why Did The Whisper People Save Caleb & Abby?

The alien race’s decision to save Caleb and Abby and raise two weird human children may appear odd at first. In Knowing’s storey, the simple answer is made clear: the survival of the human species. Because of the “whispering,” only those who have been picked by the aliens are eligible for the intergalactic refugee programme, it is implied. Other ships can be seen departing Earth, but the aliens’ refusal to take John suggests that they prefer youngsters to rebuild civilization.

It is more than likely that the selection of children is based on their age. Younger children, like Caleb and Abby, are capable of coping with being removed from their parents, evolving, and re-establishing human society. Humans in sci-fi frequently have a hard time adjusting to the destruction of Earth (which is understandable), thus this gives them more time to acclimatise to their new positions as the first members of a new society.

Why Did The Whisper People Give Caleb & Abby Rabbits?

In the final scene of Knowing, Caleb and Abby are shown holding bunnies as they prepare to leave with the aliens. Although this isn’t explicitly addressed in the film, we witness the children and their bunnies successfully arrive on an extraterrestrial planet in the last minutes of Knowing. Because of their reputation for fast reproduction and regular usage in scientific investigations, rabbits may have been chosen as a metaphor for the children’s future, but there is likely a more rational explanation for their inclusion.

There are a lot of concepts and influences at play in Knowing, and that’s why the film’s climax might be a little ambiguous. Knowing sets up its own ending early on by anticipating Nicolas Cage’s character’s death and spiritual restoration through the use of religious allegory. However, the religious symbolism also lends itself to another interpretation of the film’s ending: that the aliens are in fact angels.

There are numerous scriptural parallels between Knowing and the Book of Revelation, therefore it is difficult to rule out the possibility that angels are the ones who save humanity in the series’ cataclysmic finale. Knowing’s ending subtly echoes the Ancient Alien theory, which hypothesises that aliens made contact with early humans and influenced the development of culture and technology, with the aliens seen transporting the children to another planet to create a new society. Prometheus’ Engineers may have affected humanity’s origins, and this notion only adds to the surprising layers in Knowing’s tale, which is comparable to that of another popular sci-fi picture.

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